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Why certain streets are very Expensive but it brings prosperity?

Why certain streets are very Expensive but also brings prosperity?

Why Oxford Street of London OR Tulsi Baug in Pune OR Central Street in Bangluru is so famous and most if not all big or small shopkeepers earns well and demands high rent? For that matter why only few street(s) in particular city have booming business irrespective of the economic condition of the country or in the world.  Here is the study of few such streets.

1. Chandani Chowk – Delhi
2. Oxford Street – London
3. Regents Street – London
4. Mayfair – London
5. Tulsi Baug – Pune
6. Laxmi Road – Pune
7. Boat Club Road – Pune
Why the study of these streets only? Because I personally have visited these streets plus they been listed as most expensive or highly sought after areas.
Why so Successful: When you do gridding these street(s) with Shakti Chakra one will find entry aka roads coming from zone 3 and 4 or either of one. To reconfirm this theory we opened Google Earth and gridded the streets with Vastu Entrance and BINGO … 3 roads that are coming to Oxford Street all are from or either zone 3 OR 4. Similarly, you will notice on other famous streets. See screenshots.
Entrances play one of the very important roles in prosperities of the areas and the same can be true for a house, shopping malls, residential project, factories and shop(s). Once you get right entrances then one can work on internal arrangements.  If your premise has wrong entrance then same can be close off with color or metal strip without blocking the In-Out function.
Kismet Connection will be happy to provide consultancy to your projects or existing dwellings.
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Ssri Rohit Shah
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