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iBaZi: The Best Ever Gift to Your Child

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Many grown ups when they reach their 30s or 40s they realize that they are not happy with what they are doing professionally/career path they choose  (in my case I always had a liking of Mystic Science but never considered it seriously till I was 35). iBaZi is a part of Chinese Astrology stream where it highlights what would be the best career path for an individual.  One will be surprised how true this iBaZi can be.

I have done many case studies of well known celebrities and you will be surprised to see how true this iBazi profile can be; notice one (out of 3) of the iBaZi profile highlights why they are into right field and highly successful. Most of these celebrities – in their early life been doing odd jobs but once they hit the right path then there is no looking back; got name, fame and prosperity. On Attached picture (enlarge image for detail visibility), you will be surprised once you see the name and one of the top 3 profiles. 

I highly recommend this profile for children who are in school or college so they can choose the career right path. This will be one of The best gift parent can give to their Child. 

Here I am listing brief about all 10 attributes and name of the celebrities that fits into. For one to be a Businessman see example listed below.

Some of the case studies can found here.

MainBazIProfileMeaning Blog By Mystic Solutions

Example for Businessman: For one who want to go into Business will need following 3 profiles top in their chart. Main or Secondary profile must be at least indirect wealth (Pioneer Profile). The second profile that can do is leader profile. The other one is warrior (if your chart primarily made with this 3 you are a businessman) by nature you are a talented entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner Type:

1.      Pioneer

2.      Leader

3.      Warrior

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