BaZi Profiling: Understand Your True Potential

Many out there are not really using their true potential and continue to suffer in misery. Now here is a chance to understand your true potential and it is recommended  to follow this path to have happy, wealthy and joyful life.

For to make most of this one has to put in effort and understand each profile in details. There are several pics with wealthiest personality and their key profile.

I am currently going through training under Joey Yep who invented this and will be happy to give top level information about your key profile.

As described by Joey:

If you want to start your own business your main or secondary profile must be at least indirect wealth (Pioneer Profile). The second profile that can do it is leader profile. The other one is warrior (if your chart primarily made with this 3 you are a businessman) by nature you are a talented entrepreneur.

Entrepreneur / Business Owner Type:

1.      Pioneer

2.      Leader

3.      Warrior

Strategist people who can think why they do it, why they should drive it this way, the whole scheme of things, they don’t normally think tactics (send email blast, advertising, sales).. They plan.. they working on the business..

If you have business without 3 of this in your profile, you do not know how to run it or manage it. You can’t really understand how things operate.

Skill Profesional:

1.      Artist

2.      Analyzer

Some of you better become skill professional, study to become accountant, engineer, dentist, yet some of you can still be wealthy..

Management / Tactician:

1.      Director

2.      Friends

3.      Diplomat

People with structure consisting of 3 of this Profile as majority, is a good tactician. Really good at managing people, business and financial. If you have 3 of this in your profile but your main profile is Diplomat, you might be slightly different with another person who have 3 of this with their main profile is Director. And also depends on your whole structure of your BaZi chart. And remember your personality is not determined by only this 10 profile but other areas such as sub profile and current year but one can surely follow in this direction.

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