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On-Site Vastu Consultation

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On-Site Vastu Consultation

During Vastu consultation, our Expert provides necessary details pertaining to the site, plot, soil, etc with full scrutiny and examination. The projects which we have been tackling till now include all organizations for instance hotels, restaurants, shops, corporate houses, residences, and offices, etc. The expertise of Acharya Rohit amazes everybody with the results because in the past 15+ years he has been providing this service with full dedication without any commercial motive.

Site consultation involves a site visit, analyzing typography, Geo Energies, examining directions and the surrounding environment. The benefits of onsite consultation are exclusively for owner and architects who can interact deeply about their plot and defects in order to get maximum advantage.
In-depth reports with remedies and solution plus 3-month free consultation from the issue of Report. The report will be issued within 7-10 Days depending on the scale of the project(s).

Following Requirement is Must/Pre-requisites:

  • To the Scale Floor Plan
  • Name of the owner
  • An exact list of Challenges/Problems

Consultancy Charges

Starts from minimum Rs. 14,999*/-  OR 40 RS/SqFT * onwards as depends on the size of the premise, problem areas and visit the location. Final Consultation fees include Remedies and 45 Days of free consultation post submission of the analysis report. Free consultation on given problems if no results within 45 days. T&C Apply.

Typically our process is 6 steps as shown in below infographics (may have to zoom into image).

Kismet Connection – Vastu Consultation Process

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16 reviews for On-Site Vastu Consultation

  1. Harshith

    “A close friend was having a serious marital problem. RohitJi suggested remedy – simply solving their SW direction they are back together and are blessed with Child. Simple, yet very effective remedies.”

  2. Chintan Kamalkar

    “Found Vastu perfect flat at a posh locality in Pune market Yard area, also installed basic remedies to enhance zonal energies. Since moving into this new flat client has prosperous further with an increase in Business, Bought land across Pune, Children are doing good in studies.”

  3. Aniket Rathod

    “I have had my “10 lacs rupees stuck since the past 2 years with a friend. Also was struggling to find a suitable marriage partner. I consulted Rohit shah and he suggested Vastu correction in my flat and did my Numerology report. Post making vastu correction and following Numero remedies, I got all 10 lacs rupees back as well as got married.”

  4. Rushil A

    “Our new sweet shop at M G Road was designed by Vastu Acharya Rohit Shah. The design was done very well and met all our demands. The look is very attractive.
    Post opening of this shop – post this opening, we open new shops at Viman Nagar, Aundh and now shifting Baner outlet to a better and bigger place.”

  5. Mra Saini

    “I was Jobless for 4 years and going through family crisis, with the guidance of Rohitt Shah Ji and his Vastu and Numerology remedies I got Job offer within 4 days of starting remedies. Not enough word to thank RohitJi”.

  6. Mr Parmar

    “We were very worry about our Son’s finding a right partner. My family doctor recommended Rohitt Shah – Vastu Consultant. I consulted Mr Shah for my Son. After doing Vastu and Numerology remedies, within 2 months my Son got engaged and got married in Feb 2019. Thank You very…very Much”

  7. Mannan S – Dubai

    “I Was trying for a suitable n satisfying job since last 2 years. Then I consulted you 4 months ago. I followed your Vaastu remedies and tips religiously. I have recently been offered job of my liking n potential…Thank you very much!!”

  8. Deep Patel

    “My Grandfather died of Cancer and within a month or two, Grand-Mother diagnosed with Cancer. I came to know about Rohitt Ji and asked him to do Vastu of my Bungalow. He treated NNE & NE toilet, post treatment Grand Mother was successfully treated of Cancer, spread is completely cured and now she is living happily.”

  9. Tushar Anand

    Thank you for your great advice on Vastu which actually worked for me with respect to my career and also financially.

    All the changes you suggested, I implemented it religiously and it started showing its effect after 2-3 months of implementation.

    Thanks again!!

  10. Dr. Parth

    “Vastu Acharya Rohitt Shah Ji designed my 1st ever Dental clinic and his Vastu remedies are giving me amazing results. I have to work late every day and also on Sunday due to high number of patients.”

  11. Vaibhav C

    “Five months back I did some remedies suggested by you for legal court case n now after 10 years that case will come to end soon”

  12. Rahul

    “Thank you for your kind advice on Vastu… changes suggested by you was very simple and easy …also very minimal expense. it worked for me and for my family.”

  13. Mr Beg

    “I am a muslim person & I don’t believe in vastu. But after meeting ROHITBHAI SHAH, I believe in vastu. Before meeting him I was facing many of the probelms like not focusing on work, can’t earn enough money, but as Rohitbhai Shah suggested me to do correction in my house. I just did what Rohitbhai suggested and my life and my family problem started solving automatically. I request entire public to visit his office one time.” — Mr Beg.

  14. Nirav – Ankleshwar

    “l was under heavy debt, clients were not paying back the money, projects not reaching to closure and suffering heavy losses. I called Mr Rohitt Shah for his Consultation. He recommended Vastu and Numerology remedies. Post doing Vastu and Numerology correction within a span of 2 months; I closed 2 big deals and few more are at final discussion. I was able to repay debt. A family relationship has improved a lot and also able to explore new business in agriculture. Vastu and Name change has brought me amazing success. Highly recommend consultation.
    I am ever so greatful to Rohitji for his guidance. More good news in near future.”

  15. Megha Patel

    After doing small changes and chanting given Mantra my business has grown by 50%. CLients are coming during the offseason as well. New clients are visiting, new design of Flyer is giving instant results. Best thing I ever did, wish I had consulted before.

  16. Dahnu Real Estate Agent

    I have had lots of business issues where things does not get final at last minute, clients loves everything but when it comes to signing they pull out. After doing Astro-Vastu remedies things have turned 180 degrees, clients are signing up the deals, stuck money started flowing in. Things are really looking up, finally,

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