Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Online Vastu Consulting

Vastu via online is another part of consultation ideal for people having access to internet application which gives people living far flung areas and especially internationally an exclusive opportunity to stay in touch with expert for any detail. Clients usually send their site maps and other pre-requisites via an email and after a detail study our expert either contacts the concerned person online if there is any discrepancy or query. The last stage includes a deep Vastu detailed report which is sent to the client with marked directions and implication of remedies in the plot.

In depth reports with remedies and solution plus 3 month free consultation from the issue of Report. Report will be issued within 7-10 Days.

Following are the pre-requisites requirement and it is Must:

  1. To the Scale Floor Plan with exact directions marked on it
  2. Name of the owner
  3. Exact list of Challenges/Problems
  4. Colors of the Walls
  5. Placement of Kitchen/Bedrooms/Toilets/Doors (main as well as other which connects outside) etc…highlighted on plan
  6. Placement of main items such as Sofa, Dinning, Temple, Fridge, Washing Machine, Dryer, Locker etc… One can mention or display same on Floor plan

Consultancy Fees

Starts from Rs. 9,991*/-  * onwards as depends on size of the premise, problem areas and visit to location. Final Consultation fees includes Remedies and 45 Days of free consultation post submission of analysis report. Free consultation on given problems if no results within 45 days. T&C Apply.

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