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Latest Vastu Tip – Flute with Peacock Feather – An Amazing Benefits

Kismet Connection brings you an amazing Astro, Numerology and Vastu Tip: Flute with Peacock Feather – Benefits of Flute and Peacock Feather

Vastu Tip - Flute with Peacock Feather By Kismet Connection
Astro, Numero and Vastu Benefits- Flute with Peacock Feather By Kismet Connection

The flute is associated with planet Venus and peacock feather with planet Mercury. Venus is known for materialistic happiness and Mercury with Communication. So the combination of Venus and Mercury brings success in matters that involve communication and that leads to happiness; in Numerology terms, it is Number 5 and 6 and from Vastu Perspective its Centre and North-West zone. So if you have missing number 5 and 6 then Flute with Peacock feather fills the gap – similarly any Vastu Fault in Centre and NW direction at home, office, shop or factory.

Below list highlights benefits of Flute with Peacock feather. 

  1. The white color flute can be kept in the Study room for success in Exams. One can paint Flute in White or any other color mentioned in this tip list.
  2. Yellow color Flute can be used for quick promotion or success in the job. Do regular pooja at home and keep it at the work desk.
  3. Golden Flute can be kept in Kitchen to ward of illnesses
  4. Silver Flute can be kept in Cash COunter at Shop/ office/Factory for growth in Business. Also one can keep at home money safe.
  5. Covered in Red cloth – the flute can help in finding a life partner. Place it underneath the sleeping pillow – make sure it is not visible to others.
  6. If you are spending time underneath the Beam then tie one flute at each end of Beam to ward of negativity coming from the beam. Flutemouth should be pointing downward.
  7. Placing Flute outside ill person bedroom can expedite recovery. Place one flute near the pillow.
  8. Flute with Peacock Feather in the bedroom is considered to increase intimacy and understanding of the couple.
  9. Put Flute near the home temple to help in your meditation or SADHNA.
  10. Peacock feather is considered to be very sacred and powerful. The peacock feather on the crown of Lord Krishna is considered a symbol of good fortune.
  11. Keeping peacock feathers in the house, Vastu defects are removed and the effect of negative forces also removed.
  12. In astrology, peacock feathers have their great importance. Peacock Feather also represents Mercury – because of the shining of the feather. Mercury believed to provide protection of evil eyes. Peacock feather should be carried by all Occult practitioner as a protector.
  13. If you feel the presence of negative energies or feel uncomfortable then try keeping Flute with Peacock feather in that room.
  14. One also place Peacock Feather at the entrance for protection from evil eyes.
  15. Peacock feathers are considered very lucky for students. It is believed that keeping the peacock feathers in the rooms of the students or in their books, increases their memory and also increases the concentration power.
  16. if you are not getting any work done since long then buying a Flute with peacock feathers and keeping it in East or South-East direction. Your pending work will be completed soon.
  17. It is believed that one should keep a Flute with peacock feather near their locker. The peacock feather is said to attract wealth and gives stability. SO Buy one today.
  18. One can improve productivity by keeping FLute with Peacock feather on their Desk.
  19. One can also use Peacock feather for chanting certain Mantra especially mantras associated with lord Shivaji and Shani.
  20. Peacock feather also removes ill effects of Malefic planets in Kundali/Horoscope.

NOTE: Before you use Flute as Vastu or Astro remedy, make sure to do pooja and energize with your own energy. Flutemouth should be facing downward. Never place Flute straight, always be slanted by few degrees or 45 Degree. Never place Flute straight – 180 Degree upward position.

Rohitt Shah

Vastu Acharya and Master Numerologist



Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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