Vastu Tip: Does Direction of Staircase matter?


Does Direction of Staircase matters in Vastu?

In short, the answer is YES, the direction of the staircase does matter when doing vastu analysis.

Let take an example of Clockwise staircase, i.e. going up in the right hand direction, it acts like we are closing action… tightening the screw so when the clockwise staircase is of clockwise direction in positive zone/direction like N. NE, SW we basically closing the positive energy flow from these zones. Similarly, anticlockwise staircase means we are opening the door…untightening of the screw so when the Anti-Clockwise staircase is located in positive zones means we are releasing the positive energies from these zones.

So, the clockwise staircase is best located in negative directions/zones for an example South of South-West and Anti Clockwise staircase in the positive zones such as North, NE, SE, SW etc….

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