Is it a Coincidence or Power of Thoughts?


In the USA there had been Lottery winning number post certain events…

For example, 911 was the winning number after the 911 incident.

Similarly 587 the winning number after the flight 587 incident.

So to sum all up… the more we hear, see or feel the more we going attract those vibrations – which can be positive or negative. Some great insights in the following video of Dr. Lipton.

Watch this amazing video by Dr. Bruce H Lipton. Watch until the end.

A MUST SEE!!! The Most Eye Opening 10 Minutes Of Your Life

"Your Body Is An iIlussion" This Video Will Literally Blow Your Mind!

Posted by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D on Sunday, 28 April 2019



  1. Hello

    This is a very good collection of small tips which are written in a very easy to understand language. I want to thank you for your guidance for a friend of mine who is affected by brain related disease. They have started seeing some positive improvements.


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