South-East Zone – Direction Vastu Tip

Vastu Tip for South-East Direction By Kismet Connection

South-East Zone OR Direction Vastu Tip

Blue, Black, Grey or White color or any Shades of these colors in South-East direction can cause following issues

South-East Direction Vastu Tip By Lismet Connection

  1. Cash Flow problems especially Liquid cash
  2.  Money getting stuck or Blocked. You are getting your money back
  3. Frequent accidents – such as getting injured from small items to any major mishap
  4. Delay in marriage. This is a very important direction when it comes to marriage aka finding the right partner.
  5. Making team productive
  6. Frequent break down of Machine(s)
  7. Large Mirrors in South-East direction are strictly NO
  8. If you are falling frequently sick then move your bed from South-East direction
  9. Anger is the issue then avoid bedroom/lounge in South-East direction

Few Remedies one can try: Avoid Dustbin and clutter in South-East Direction. Lit Red/Green Blub 24X7, Introduce more Red or Green colors, Place SE Helix, Mars Yantra. Also one can wear the Number 4 bracelet, chanting the mantra of number 4.

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Understanding each direction – watch this video.

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