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Mars Yantra Remedy By Kismet Connection


Mars OR South Direction of the premises/dwelling is responsible for Relaxation, Name and Fame. It also provides Cash flow, Confidence and Power. By placing this Mars Yantra in South or South of SE direction can help in bringing the attributes of that zone. Ideal to use if one has missing number 9 in their date of Birth – many born in year 2000 onwards will have missing number 9.

Always important to keep in mind that the direction is clean from rubbish/junk as well as no anti-element present here. One can also use Fire theme for added advantage.


The planet Mars represents the active emotional and vital projections of the self towards the outside world. Thus, it represents energies hidden in matter, however trying to manifest themselves in matter. The negative aspect of Mars also entails the chaotic and destructive forces. Just like the sun and the moon embody the polarity of the sexes on a higher platform, Mars and Venus represent this polarity on the sexual level. Mars is the active male pole personifying strength, courage and enthusiasm. Without its influence, no interest, no passion and no determination will ever develop. Mars is the planet of deed, clearly directed towards a goal.

Main Areas in the house: Kitchen, fire, chimney, electric installations, Red colours or Triangular shapes and Fire themes.

Life areas: Brothers, friends and associates, ambition, mechanical and technical abilities, sexuality, logic, science, research, hard work, violence, organisation.

Organs: Head, external genitals, the left ear, muscles, blood, uterus, prostate, pelvis

Enhances the following qualities: Activity, ambition, desires, courage, mechanical abilities, motivation, determination, intensity.

Perfect/Balanced energies of Mars/South zone bring: Self-confidence, endurance, heroism, power, pugnacity, sharp intelligence, organisational abilities, good leadership qualities, one gains name and fame.

Low energies of Moon/North-West Zone: Thoughtlessness, competitive spirit, impulsiveness, loss of calmness, sudden deaths, accidents, loss of partner, injuries, animosity, war.

Typical Diseases: Measles, mumps, infections, fever, colds and allergies


Om Namo Bhagavate Narasimhaya OR

Om Shukraya Namah OR

Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah

Typical Vastu Defects/Fault Areas (Few Example):  If,

  • The library or study is in the south.
  • There is a door in the south which opens towards on open space. There is a well in the south.
  • The walls in the south are of inferior quality.
  • The terrace in the south is lower than the floor of the house. The southern gate or door is directed towards the southeast.
  • The southern gate or door is directed towards the southwest. There is a lot of space in the south.
  • The south is higher than the north.
  • The south is lower than the north or the east. The complete south-side is used as a living area.

Application of South Yantra in the House/Office/Shop/Factory/Institute

If the South of a house is very open, a big window with a door to the terrace OR area is lower than rest of the dwelling then these are the one of the most important Vastu principles for the South is violated. In this case, Mars ruling in the South is attacked. If the kitchen also dominated by Mars is located in a bad position such as the west, Mars will be further weakened and may therefore manifest its wicked nature. Depending on the other Vastu qualities of the house, quarrels, violence and an increased inclination towards infections may occur in the house. Water elements presents in this zone causes money losses and or frequent accidents, so Mars should be balanced.

Suggestions on how to correct the situation: If there are several weakened Mars aspects in a building, the energy of the Mars in the house should be enhanced. In this connection it makes sense to strengthen both the South and the South-East of the building. Both directions are closely connected to the Mars and its energy. Family of Red colours, plants in the South and SE enhance the energy of the Mars. In the South Fire and Triangle shapes will strengthen the organic aspect of the life energy which is dominated by the Mars as well.

In the subtle area one can also use yantras which support the energy of the Mars. A Mars Yantra should be fixed in the South in order to balance the missing area.

Missing Number 9 in Numero Kundali placing this in South Direction will help in getting Number 9 attributes.

The effect of such a yantra is based on the combination of symbols, geometric elements, colours and writings. As the present defects mainly affect the subtle area, it is possible to counteract them in the subtle realm as well.

The subtle area is very much influenced by colours, symbols, writings and geometric elements.

This yantra and others are so-called spiritual planetary yantras.

How to Place: 

After doing proper Pooja of the Yantra with flowers, dhoop, prasadum and chanting of given Mantra 108 time – you place it on wall. One can use Nail to support the frame. It would be better to add support at the base of Frame. Putting on Table is also allowed. Friday is the ideal day to install at auspicious time.

Size of the Frame:

9 Inch X 9 Inch OR 22.8 cm X 22.8 cm with the hook at the back of a frame.

More Yantras:



Additional information

Dimensions 22.8 × 22.8 × 22.8 cm
Attributes of South and SSE Direction

Mars OR South Direction of the premises/dwelling is responsible for Relaxation, Name and Fame. It also provides Cash flow, Confidence and Power.


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