Shree Yantra Fully Sidh and Energized By Pandit



जीवन में लक्ष्मी लाभ और सभी प्रकार की सफलता के लिए इसे घर में स्थापना कर पूजा की जाती हे !

For the benefit of Lakshmi in life and all kinds of success, Shree Yantra is worshiped by setting it up at home!

This Shree Yantra is scripted with the Vedic method on BhojPatra (भोजपत्र) and after Sudhikaran and Energizing process it is triple-layer laminated. You will also receive further information on how to use it – this info is applicable to selected products.


Additional information

Dimensions 7.62 × 0.005 × 7.62 cm