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Energized Vejanti Mala



Fully energized and Original Vejanti mala has high significance in a mysticism, this mala influences the planets in positive way, houses and constellation in horoscope especially reduces negative influence of malefic Saturn planet. Helps in making planets Benefic.

It is used to attain spiritual powers. Meditating or chanting mantras over the Vejanti mala makes your mind calm and takes you on the path of spirituality.
Best part is that this is very light weight mala. Wearing this mala increases strength of mind and body, boost confidence. Increases focus of mind, mental peace attained through which one acts by keeping mind in his work area.

Vejanti japa mala balance all kind of malefic doshas in horoscope (kundli) and promotes harmony and brings faith in your life. The men and women wearing Vejanti Mala can’t be harmed by any evil eye, magic or tantra attack not affects by negative energies.

It is also believed person carrying or wearing Vejanti mala never loses anything in life.
Elevates individuals spiritually, bring peace of mind, helps in awakening kundalini power.
Regular chanting mantra with this mala brings prosperity in life, success, fame, money, positivity etc.

Highly auspicious for reciting mantra chanting, siddhi’s, japa, vashikaran, defeating enemies, success in exams and games
Remove hindrances in marriage of boy and girls, regular chanting of mantra ‘Om Namah Bhagawati Vasudev’ with vejanti mala worshipping banana tree helps in early marriage.
The spiritual energy of vejanti Mala aids in deepening meditation practice, allowing for greater focus, clarity, and spiritual insights.
By wearing vejanti Mala, individuals can accelerate their spiritual progress and experience a deeper connection with their higher self and the divine.
vejanti Mala fosters a sense of devotion and love towards the lord krishna, nurturing a profound spiritual relationship and devotion to deity or spiritual path.

Vejanti Mala


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