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Moon Yantra Remedy By Kismet Connection


Moon or North-West Direction of the premises/dwelling is responsible for Support and Banking, especially support from government departments or getting loan approved for business or favour from Banking. By placing this Moon Yantra in North-West direction can help in bringing the attributes of that zone.

Always important to keep in mind that the direction is clean from rubbish/junk as well as no anti-element present here. One can also use Ashoka Sthamb for added advantage.


The Moon represents the female principle in the universe and therefore forms the polar opposite of the Sun. The Sun represents the self of the cosmos and the moon its spirit. The polarity of the Sun and the moon can also be found in love and willpower, activity and passivity, mind and body etc. The moon influences mainly the emotional and mental well-being of man and also affects his intellectual capabilities. If the moon is in a good position, flexibility and adaptability are prominent, while a debilitated moon may lead to moody behaviour, unsteadiness and unreliability.

Main Areas in the house: Moon – window (window left of the main entrance, seen from within the house), organic life energy, bathroom, well, waters, white areas.

Life areas: Emotional and mental well-being, health, changes, relation to the mother, impressionability, beauty, enjoyment and luxury, family life, home, hidden things, secrets.

Organs: Breast, left eye of man (right eye of woman), gullet, stomach, uterus, ovaries, bladder, lymphatic system

Enhances the following qualities: Reflection of perception and transmission of ideas, flexibility and adaptability, female qualities, family life, home, intuitive powers.

Perfect energies of Moon/North-West zone bring: Love for home and family, sensitivity, the ability to usher in changes in life, emotional stability, sense of responsibility, social behaviour.

Low energies of Moon/North-West Zone: Unsteadiness, moody behaviour, irresponsibility, fickleness, inconsistency, excessive use of alcohol and food, bad training, problematic family relations, emotional traumas.


Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya OR

Om Chandraya Namah OR

Om Shram Shreem Shroum Sah Chandraya Namah

Typical Vastu Defects/Fault Areas (Few Example):  If,

  • The northwest is cut off. The north-west is blocked.
  • The bedroom is in the north-west.
  • The library or study is in the north-west. There is an extension towards the north-west.
  • The oven or heating system is in the north-west.
  • The northwest is higher than the south-west or west. The north-west is lower than the north or north-east.
  • The north-west is lower than the south-east.
  • Toilet in North-West
  • Though Kitchen is allowed in NW but if it has anti-element/colours then this Yantra along with Helix Yantra can help in removing dosha.

Application of Moon Yantra in the House/Office/Shop/Factory/Institute

If a house does not have any windows left of the entrance door, the female energies represented by the moon are weakened. If in addition, the building does not cover the area of the northwest, the moon is weakened even more. This could cause the female inhabitants to suffer from emotional disorders and psychological problems. Disorders in the digestive tract and stomach aches are also fostered by such a combination of defects.

Suggestions on how to correct the situation: If there are several weakened moon aspects in a building, the energy of the moon in the house should be enhanced. In this connection it makes sense to strengthen both the northwest and the north of the building. Both directions are closely connected to the moon and its energy. White colours, plants and water in the north and northwest enhance the energy of the moon. In the north mirrors and water will strengthen the organic aspect of the life energy which is dominated by the moon as well.

In the subtle area one can also use yantras which support the energy of the moon. A Moon Yantra should be fixed in the northwest in order to balance the missing area.

Missing Number 2 in Numero Kundali placing this in South-West Direction will help in getting Number 2 attributes.

The effect of such a yantra is based on the combination of symbols, geometric elements, colours and writings. As the present defects mainly affect the subtle area, it is possible to counteract them in the subtle realm as well.

The subtle area is very much influenced by colours, symbols, writings and geometric elements.

This yantra and others are so-called spiritual planetary yantras.

How to Place: 

After doing proper Pooja of the Yantra with flowers, dhoop, prasadum and chanting of given Mantra 108 time – you place it on wall. One can use Nail to support the frame. It would be better to add support at the base of Frame. Putting on Table is also allowed. Sunday is the ideal day to install at auspicious time.

Size of the Frame:

9 Inch X 9 Inch OR 22.8 cm X 22.8 cm

More Yantras:



Additional information

Dimensions 22.8 × 22.8 × 22.8 cm
Attributes of Moon/North-West Direction

Moon or North-West Direction of the premises/dwelling is responsible for Support and Banking, especially support from government departments or getting loan approved for business or favour from Banking.


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