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Kesar – Saffron Oil


Pure Kesar oil – Saffron oil in 10 ml roll-on bottle form. If you want things to start happening then apply saffron/Kesar oil Tilak and/or on belly button. Many have seen positive benefits post-following the rituals.


Benefits of Kesar Oil

10 ML Roll On Bottle

1. Improves effects of planet Jupiter & Moon
2. Reduces bad effects of Ketu
3. To improve the relationship by Kesar-based Abhishek. Add few drops of this oil.
4. By applying as Tilak to Hanuman Ji, it reduces manglik effects.
5. Apply some Kesar oil on your business paper and make Swastik on it for prosperity.
6. If you want to attract Mahalaxmi blessings then do this totka – Apply Kesar oil on a white cloth piece and keep it in money safe or where you keep the money. Now keep your money on it always. Maintain the sacredness of that place.
7. Keeping Kesar in South-West direction on Choudas and Amavasya on South-West direction one gets the blessings of ancestors or pitru.
8. While applying Kesar OIL as Tilak on the forehead – chant KLEEM to attract luck in your favour.
9. Apply on Belly Button as Kesar associated with Jupiter planet. Improves Jupiter, Applying it on Naval reduces bad effects of Ketu.
10. If you add Saffron Oil in Bathing water – one can come out of financial problems. Regular bathing with this is must.

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