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Astro Vastu Tips By Kismet Connection

Astrology is very closely knitted with Vastu because each house of Astrology Kundali is associated with different Vastu Directions.

Here is the Kundali house number along with its attributes and associated Vastu Direction

1st House: It is also called Lagna OR Ascendent.

Attributes: Self-effort/self-made, Physical features, Thinking, Health, Longevity.
Negation to 2nd house.

Rashi: Mesh (Aries)

Rashi Lord: Mangal

Rashi Direction: East and East of South-East

Significant: Depicts the all-important aspects of your life; first impressions, personality, appearance, temperament, ego, new beginnings and your outlook towards life. The House of Self, this sign is known to have an impact on any health issues you may have experienced in life.

Key Tenants: Body, fame, strength, character, courage, knowledge or lack of it, residence, place of birth, dignity, honour, ancestry, livelihood, the present wisdom, wealth, comforts and discomforts, self-respect, peace of mind, happiness and un-happiness, detachment, virtues and vices, health of parents.

2nd House:

Attributes: Money, Work, income, Daily Routines, values, material possessions priorities, habits, your job and work ethic. Negation to 3rd house.

Rashi: Vrish (Taurus)

Rashi Lord: Shukra (Venus)

Rashi Direction: South / WNW/NW

Significant: Your wealth, speech, family, face, right eye, mouth and the food you eat and charity.

Key Tenants: Wealth, speech, physical enjoyments, trading in ornaments, pearls and diamonds, buying or selling in general, accumulation of wealth, earning through self-effort, acquisitions from father, truthfulness and falsehood, inclinations, food, taste, clothes, eloquence, humility, steadiness of mind, learning education, letters, anger, deceitfulness, family members, friends, enemies, servants, close followers, self-control, death.

3rd House:

Attributes: The Mind / Thinking, Communication, siblings, social activity/interests, neighbors, early education. Negation to 4th house.

Rashi: Mithun (Gemini)

Rashi Lord: Budh (Mercury)

Rashi Direction: West / NNW

Significant: Your younger brothers and sisters, courage, servants and subordinates, communications, talents and skills, sports, business, short distance travels.

Key Tenants: Courage and valor, physical fitness, hobbies, talent, education, good qualities, siblings, the longevity of parents, tolerance, capability, quality, and nature of food, selfishness, sports, fights, refuge, trading, dreams. Sorrows, the stability of mind, neighborhood, near relations, friends, army, inheritance, ornaments, cleverness, short journeys.

4th House:

Attributes: Home roots, family, self-care, emotions foundations, mother, children, women, femininity Negation to 5th house.

Rashi: Kark (Cancer)

Rashi Lord: Chandra (Moon)

Rashi Direction: North / NNE

Significant: Your mother, home, relatives, office or factory, emotions, domestic and house-related happiness, landed property and conveyances, education mental peace and chest and lungs.

Key Tenants: Near and dear ones, caste and ancestry, mother, relatives on mothers side, lands and houses, agriculture, farming, gardens, orchards, installations, buildings, parliament favours from the ruler, medicine, education, knowledge of land and geography, hidden treasures, comforts and discomforts, courage, faith, victory and defeat, perfumes, clothes, milk, digging, agricultural produce, vehicles, possession of cattle, horses and elephants.

5th House:

Attributes: Romance, love affairs, play, creativity, fertility, childlike spirit, joy, self-expression, drama. Negation to 6th house.

Rashi: Sinh (Leo)

Rashi Lord: Surya (SUN)

Rashi Direction: East/ ENN

Significant: Your children, education and intellect, creativity, mantra, tantra and pooja.

Key Tenants: Progeny, father, mental ability, learning, knowledge, scholarship, character, conception, prosperity, acquisitions through wife, fascination (for women), sharp, wisdom, discrimination and analytical skill, capability, devotion to gods, means of earning, official seal, good or bad memory, speculation, humiliation, authorship, Shruti(Vedas), Smitri, knowledge of mantras, karmas of past lives.

6th House:

Attributes: Health, fitness, systems, analytical nature, pets, work habits, organization, sense of usefulness, service is given. Negation to 7th house.

Rashi: Kanya (Virgo)

Rashi Lord: Budh (MERCURY)

Rashi Direction: South/ North

Significant: Your health, illness, injuries, loans, sports, maternal uncle, enemies and opposition.

Key Tenants: Enemies, oppositions, mental agitation, injuries, accident, disease, wounds sustained in war, loans, debts, losses, disappointments, obstacles, poisons, slanders, humiliation, cruelty, indulgence in prohibited acts, theft, quarrels, imprisonment, maternal uncles, maternal aunt, step-mother, pets, cattle, flavours of food, servants, subordinates, nuisances in general.

7th House:

Attributes: Relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners, equality, sharing, interpersonal style. Negation to 8th house.

Rashi: Tula (Libra)

Rashi Lord: Shukra(Venus)

Rashi Direction: West/ WSW

Significant: Your spouse, sex life, reproduction, and genital organs, partners, enjoyments and Kundalini shakti and death.

Key Tenants: Spouse, sex partner, marriage, adultery, lust or passion, nature or character of spouse, sexual union, secret love affairs, journey, deviation from ones path, partnership in business, overt enemies, quarrels, theft, loss of memory, recovery of lost wealth, progress, attainment of status, grandfather, brothers son death.

8th House:

Attributes: Merging, sex, intimacy, shared finances, inheritances, taxes, loans, assets, property joint ventures/goals, mystery, partner’s resources. Negation to 9th house.

Rashi: Vrishchik (Scorpio)

Rashi Lord: Mangal (Mars)

Rashi Direction: North / SSW

Significant: Related to destruction, accidents, physical pains, inheritance, legacies, death, and insurance.

Key Tenants: Marital Status of the woman, longevity, death, obstacle, disgrace, defeat, discontinuity, suddenness, unexpectedness, misery, loss of memory, sin, killing a living being, capital punishment, nature of death, place of death, wickedness, fathers indebtedness, deviation from unexpected norms, frightful place, difficult route, crevices, finding faults, humiliation, wife’s wealth, sudden unexpected gain, hidden talents, spiritual pursuits and attainments, inheritance, son of the elder sister.

9th House:

Attributes: Travel, wisdom, philosophy, higher education, law & religions, learning, ethics. Negation to 10th house.

Rashi: Dhanu (Sagittarius)

Rashi Lord: Guru (Jupiter)

Rashi Direction: East / NE

Significant: Your luck, prosperity, guru, father, religious and spiritual progress and knowledge of the scriptures, sadhana, pilgrimages, foreign travel and foreign trade, grandchildren.

Key Tenants: Virtuous deeds, pilgrimages, worship, religious inclination, devotional and religious learning, karmas of the present birth, splendour, association with virtuous, auspiciousness, the preceptor or guru, father, austerity, penance, charity, kindness, wisdom, knowledge, devotion towards the preceptor, spiritual initiation, mental quietude, fame and fortune, progeny, temples, vedic rituals, long journeys, travel by sea.

10th House:

Attributes: Career, long-term goals, structure, status, reputation, public image masculinity, men, fathers, experts, fame. Negation to 11th house.

Rashi: Makar (Capricorn)

Rashi Lord: Shani (Saturn)

Rashi Direction: South / SSE

Significant: Your profession, business, authority and power, and honors and achievements.

Key Tenants: Profession, function, source of livelihood, governmental service, honour from the king, business, status, wealth, political power, fame, progress, nature of work, professional inclination, the treating physician, hidden treasure, prescribed course, teaching capability, self-control, dominance, sacrificing nature, proficiency, fathers wealth and well-being, foreign travel, financial status, place of residence, performance of sacred and religious deeds.

11th House:

Attributes: Groups, friends, social awareness, humanitarianism, technology, hopes and wishes, the future. Negation to 12th house.

Rashi: Kumbh (Aquarius)

Rashi Lord: Shani (Saturn)

Rashi Direction: West

Significant: Your gains and income, good news, money, elder brothers and sisters, friends, long-distance travels, airlines, and entertainment.

Key Tenants: Gains of all the nature, income, acquisition, fulfillment of desires, nature of earning, arrival, rewards, recognition, favours from ruler, special status, proficiency, learning, ancestral property, fondness for the precious stones, lost wealth, pursuit of pious and religious deeds, profits and returns, elder brother, paternal uncle, longevity of the mother, material enjoyments.

12th House:

Attributes: Endings, healing, Closure, spirituality, solitude, karma, old age, the afterlife, what’s hidden, limiting beliefs, subconscious. Negation to 1st house.

Rashi: Meen (Pisces)

Rashi Lord: Guru (Jupiter)

Rashi Direction: North / ESE/ SE

Significant: Causes losses, waste, expenses, foreign countries, imprisonment, death, sadhana and Moksha or final liberation

Key Tenants: Expenditure, loss of wealth, spending money for prescribed or prohibited pursuits, pleasures of the bed, bedroom, mental anguish, loss of sleep, physical disease, wickedness, penury, loss or disease of a limb, loss of authority, imprisonment, confinement in an enemy’s house, loss of spouse, exit from world, emancipation, renunciation, distant travel, foreign land, emigration, loss in travel, paternal property, spiritual learning, secret learning, fear from overt and covert enemies.

NOTE: Each of the 9 different planets, while placed in the 12 different houses, other than their own house – produces different, and at times totally opposite results. Also dependant on close-by planets or enemy planet in their primary house.

Important Note: It is very important to find the exact zone/direction without any anti-element (example Red color in the North is an anti element) for remedies to work effectively. There are many duplicate or of cheap material available in the market so make sure you buy from a genuine source. You may have to pay more but you know it is genuine. Always perform a cleansing of remedies to remove old energies – clean with Holy water, offer Diya/incense/flowers and chant your favorite Mantra before installing them.

Best Wishes

Rohitt Shah (Vastu Acharya – Numero Vastu Guru). Mahavastu Expert, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu, iBazi, and Lal Kitab Consultant.


Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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