Best Vastu Tip for Home and Office – Placement of Computers


Best Vastu Tip for Home and Office – Placement of Computers:

It is very important that one place any items as per its function that matches with each of the directions attributes. If one place computer in one direction which meant for Fun and Recreation then the computer placed here for business purpose or for trading in the stock market may not see the good gains but rather take it profession lightly.

  • Computer – Avoid placing Computer in NORTH-NORTH-WEST zone which is used by Studying/Growing Children.
  • Computer – One can work on Computer for long hours by keeping it in SOUTH-SOUTH-EAST zone.
  • Computer – People Trading in Stock Market can do their Research Work on Stocks on a Computer Kept in WEST Zone, But Make Sure, and The WEST zone is balanced as per Five Elements.
  • Computer – Working on a Computer kept in South gives Fame and Administration. Do you want it?
  • Computer in EAST connects you with the outer world and helps you know about the events taking place in your surroundings.
  • Computer in EAST-SOUTH-EAST, to make good use of computer for doing data entry, complex calculation and for research and development must be kept in this zone
  • Computer in NORTH-EAST Vastu Zone can be used for getting New Ideas/Insights.
  • Computer in SOUTH-EAST (SE) Vastu Zone. It ideal for maintaining the cash balance
  • Computer in SOUTH-WEST, very good for skillful work like designing it helps for enhancement of skill and gives better result
  • Computer in WEST-NORTH-WEST can be used to counter Low Moods, Stress, and Depression.
  • Computer in WEST-SOUTH-WEST, good for getting knowledge, children is used for educational purpose. it is good for accountancy
  • The computer is only used for Fun and Enjoyment; you can keep it in EAST-NORTH-EAST Zone.
  • Computer/Study Table in NORTH-WEST (NW) – study in retail chains and general administration will be good here. It is particularly beneficial for the home since and inventory management students

OTHER Useful Tips:

  • Control Anxiety by placing a Picture of Sagar Manthan in EAST-SOUTH-EAST (ESE) Vastu Zone.
  • Control Excessive Expenditure, Remove Red Colour from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone.
  • Control Wasteful Expenses, Remove Mirror from SOUTH-SOUTH-WEST (SSW) Vastu Zone.
  • Create Excellent Strategic Plans for your Business. Sit facing NORTH-EAST
  • Create Financial Stability, Remove Fire from SOUTH-WEST Zone.
  • Bust your cash flow! Keep Red/pink flowers in a green base in your home SOUTH-EAST zone.
  • Calm Down aggression in Mind, Remove Red Color from NORTH-EAST Direction of Your Home.
  • Cash Problem if Blue Color in SOUTH-EAST Zone.
  • Chess Board – Improve Business Performance with Chess Board in NORTH Vastu Zone.
  • Are you willing to increase team productivity? Light a Red Bulb in the SOUTH-EAST Zone of your office and see the results.
  • Attract more customers & make the meeting successful with the brass sun in EAST
  • Attract More Gains, Remove Green Colour from WEST Vastu Zone.
  • Attract More Money. Place a Money Plant in NORTH Vastu Zone.
  • Attract New Opportunities with Green Scenery in NORTH Zone.
  • Attract New Opportunities, Clear Storage from NORTH Vastu Zone


Important Note: It is very important to find the exact zone/direction without any anti-element (example Red color in the North is an anti element) for remedies to work effectively. There are many duplicate or of cheap material available in the market so make sure you buy from a genuine source. You may have to pay more but you know it is genuine. Always perform a cleansing of remedies to remove old energies – clean with Holy water, offer Diya/incense/flowers and chant your favorite Mantra before installing them.

Best Wishes

Rohitt Shah (Vastu Acharya – Numero Vastu Guru). Mahavastu Expert, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu, iBazi, and Lal Kitab Consultant.


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