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Vastu Tip For The Study Room

Vastu Tip For The Study Room

A study room is ideally the place where kids prefer studying away from the hustle and bustle of the other rooms. Bigger houses might have separate rooms for kids and hence the study room is never needed. However sometimes, people still prefer to dedicate a section of the room as study area for their kids. Bigger bungalows can also plan a separate room for study area which can be designed and laid according to an expert Vaastu guidance. Also remember that you could take advice from anyone whom you believe can help you in setting the study room. There is information available online that will enable you to plan the room accordingly.

 Vastu Advice for the Studies Room

Ideally the Vaastu advice for study room would involve planning a very auspicious area for the study room. The locations can be North, North-east, East directions of the house. These areas particularly increase the chances of concentration for the kids. The study room is the place where kids need to focus on learning. This room should hence not have any kind of mirror reflection. In case, you notice a mirror reflection, kindly remove it as it will increase the pressure and work load for them. Vaastu advice for study room will also mention an absence of beam in the room as this might put unnecessary pressure on them.

Study Table Essentials

The study table should always face the northern or eastern side of the room. The kid is also required to face north or east during the process of learning. It is necessary to not stick the table to the wall. There needs to be an open space in front of the kid while he or she is thinking for ideas. The space will help their thoughts to freely enter their minds. Vaastu Advice for study room primarily covered the study table as the kid spends lot of time sitting. Hence, the table should always be a comfortable one neither too small nor too out of shape.

Book Shelf Essentials

Most often kids stock their books on the table. This is really congesting due to lack of space. The kid’s cabinet or bookshelf must be located or placed in the Northern or Eastern direction. Most importantly, the cabinet should never be the centre of attraction. If possible, do not place the cabinets above the table. This positioning can lead to unnecessary stress.

Study Room Colours and Lighting

The colours in the room must be in warm or light colours. You must never paint dark colours in the room as it might create boredom. The warm colours will also bring in lot of auspicious feeling. The light colours will enhance learning capacity of most students. The room should have enough lighting. Sunlight should be an additional advantage as it might help kids to feel refreshed and energized. Vaastu advice for study room also mentions you to avoid television in the room. The television will definitely drag the attention of the kid from studies. You could always place the computer in the south-eastern corner of the room. The room should be free of clutter and must be regularly cleaned

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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