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Vastu Tip for Storeroom

Vastu Tip for Storeroom

Storerooms are generally regarded as a storage place for useless things. But in reality and practical sense, a store room shows your idea of adjustment and usability. The more the number of junk items in a store room, the less becomes your ability to use and reuse things. Hence, it is always desirable to keep things away from the store rooms as much as possible. Vastu helps a greatly in achieving this goal as the science restricts the forces which are responsible for the accumulation of things which can be useful, in the store room. Here are some of the basics of Vastu Shastra, which if implemented, can change your store room into a useful storage house and restrict the permanent stay of an item there.

Location of the Store Room

The store room finds its ideal place in the North West portion of the house, according to the laws of the Vastu Shastra. This direction has been chosen since it prevents accumulation of things and provides a good provision of storage. The ideal direction for the entrance of the store room is south west and should have two shutters. An important point to note is the height of the store room. In no case should a store room be of the same height as that of the other rooms. It should always be elevated to a certain height above the ground. It is even better if it is at a height which is not quite reachable by children. The walls of a storeroom should be light in color as that would repel insects and save the things from damage, including the stored grains. The light colored walls should be in the tints of yellow, white or sky blue.

Storing of Materials in the Store Room

The storerooms are a house for many kinds of materials including food, clothing and metal equipments. Each of these have a specific allocated direction and should be followed the same order while practicing storage in the store room. For example, the grains should be stored in different directions, based upon the usage. The daily usage foods should be stored in the North West direction whereas the long term storage grains should be kept along the south west direction. In a similar fashion, oils, gas cylinders and other kitchen equipment should be stored in the south east corner of the store room. Since the store room is used for storing things, there is no point of keeping empty vessels or boxes there as they deflect the positive energy circulating in the room. Care should be taken to ensure that nobody sleeps in the store room because the Vaastu Shastra does not permit sleeping inside a storage room as the vibrations produced by non living things interfere with the brain vibrations and do not result in a sound sleep.

Store rooms should also encase an idol or picture of any religious deity.

Note: Vastu remedies can be applied successfully if Storeroom is located in wrong direction.

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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