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Vastu Tip For A Septic Tank

Vastu Tip For A Septic Tank

Vastu an important element to consider before planning or designing a house. You need to ensure that every object is placed according to certain Vastu direction mandates. These locations have been considered post assessing your land or house. Most Vastu experts would be able to highlight some more important features on these. Every house will have innumerable substances or objects pertaining to a particular utility. The reason for understanding its perfect location is because it will then help the inmates to enjoy peace and prosperity. Sometimes objects do release negative energies which might hamper the growth, health of family members. This was primarily the reason why elders believed immensely in Vastu Shastra and inculcated this feeling amongst the younger generation.

Importance of a Septic Tank

Septic Tanks are individual tanks maintained by family for their everyday water purposes. The origin of septic tank can be traced back to decades when family members preferred having their own water tanks. It was always considered an essential element in every house. The pit for a septic tank was always dug and hence the importance of Vastu came into being. This pit needs to be dug in a perfect manner failing which could encounter serious health and wealth problems. Today septic tanks have been replaced by water or overhead or automatic water tankers. However, septic tanks are still considered in villages and semi-urban areas. So how exactly do you determine the perfect location? Your Vastu consultant will certainly point out some basic important rules. Firstly the tank should always be placed in such a direction that it never faces South-West, South-East and North-East.

Vastu advice for septic tank also covers directions that are considered very auspicious. North-Western direction is favored for septic tank. Most septic tank must have water in it which should never come in contact with a gutter or canal. In case you have a waste passage zone outside your house, ensure that it does not touch the septic tank. The waste water or excretion should always face the western direction. Vastu advice for septic tank also considers ensuring the length and breadth of the tank faces Eastern, Western and Southern or Northern

respectively. The septic tank must always be built towards the ground level and should never be on a height. It should also never be attached to a house or compound wall. The drainage pipes in the washroom and toilets should always face North-western or Western directions. The kitchen utility pipe can always face northern or eastern direction. The main sewage of your house must be facing Western, Northern, Eastern or Southern direction at all times. Vastu advice for septic tank also covers space restrictions. In case you do not have enough space, this tank can be placed in the Northern corner too. At all times, the tank must be constructed in a way that it is at two feet distance from the compound wall.

Note: If for some reason you have placed Septic tank at wrong place then there are remedies which can be applied successfully.

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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