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Vastu and Health

Vastu and Health

We as a whole need comforts throughout everyday life, and without great well being we can’t appreciate an affluent and great life. To draw in wellbeing and true serenity, it is vital to pursue Vastu guidelines for good well being. Everything looks repetitive without great wellbeing. The climate must be solid and the encompassing ought to be Vastu consistent.

Here are few Vastu tips for remaining Healthy

  • Position of Bed,  the situation in which one keeps head while sleeping has an incredible effect on the soundness of the individual. You ought to put the head in the south while resting. For individuals having Vata and Kapha constitutions, it is prescribed to rest on the left half of the bed and individuals having pita should rest on the right side.
  • Situation and position of staircase likewise influences the strength of the occupant Staircases influence the wellbeing of the inhabitant radically and subsequently it is vital to deal with their legitimate arrangement. The staircase ought not be at the inside at any expense as this prompts real medical issues. Continuously a corner ought to be picked the establishment of a staircase.
  • Give the vitality a chance to stream uninhibitedly inside the house-there ought not be any furnishings piece in the focal point of the house as this confines free stream of the vitality around the house. This territory being the Brahmasthan there ought not be any stagnation of vitality here as this would prompt sick strength of the general population living inside it.
  • Be aware of overhead shafts It is extremely normal to utilize overhead pillars in homes amid development. Be that as it may, ensure these bars don’t hurried to the focal point of the house as they can prompt an irritated personality. The reason being they confine your correspondence with your psyche.
  • Parity the fire component Fire component is vital and must be in great parity. Medical issues emerge if there happens to be a generator in the upper east or a slant in the south or if the south-east has an underground water tank.
  • Impact of flame on your wellbeing The south-east of the fire zone and if a fire is lit here consistently, it would work ponders for you in all perspectives, including wellbeing. Being a standout amongst other methods for brightening, notwithstanding adding magnificence and splendor to the encompassing, candles emanate positive vitality whenever kept in the right course. A flame lit in the east heading all the time realizes great well being for the detainees.
  • Keep Lord Hanuman’s picture The god in charge of realizing great wellbeing is Lord Hanuman, henceforth putting a picture of Him in the house confronting the south heading would achieve great wellbeing for the inhabitants.
  • If washroom next to the main gate then it contain negative energies. It is likewise a still water that gets flushed down the drainage. You should ensure the entry way is constantly closed and that you put a mirror on it to divert negative energies.
  • On the off chance that the dimension of the floor in the north is higher than in the south, This implies riches which enters doesn’t remain, yet is being depleted out towards the south. The arrangement is to raise the dimension of at the southern part. On the off chance that this is absurd, light a light in this corner.
  • If the water tank is in the focal point of the house, this connotes a clear stagnation of riches. Water must be in movement, so a wellspring is dependably a superior suggestion. There is no option however to expel this.
  • If the main and back door are in a straight line, this unmistakably implies whatever comes in doesn’t remain however goes straight out a similar way. You a place a screen between the two. You ought to likewise put a few plants near the passage and exit. Palms have been observed to be superb in such manner.
  • Three entryways in succession, this means indistinguishable exchange of vitality from when the principle entrance and the exit are adjusted. Whatever goes in, turns out. As in the above case, you have to put a screen and a few plants at the entryways. You ought to likewise ensure that the second entryway is kept closed on the grounds that this makes a double compartment in the house, which builds the possibility of engrossing energies.
  • Water tank in the northwest, this isn’t as awful as in the Brahmasthan of the house, by and by, it indicates stagnation toward riches. You ought to guarantee that the tank is secured with metal grower. Fill them with plants that have round leaves. A cash plant is additionally great, especially at the passageway.
  • If Eastern part is higher than the southwest, this demonstrates an exorbitant surge of vitality as the southwest speaks to the zone of stimulation. You are inclined to waste your cash on engaging and betting or drive purchasing. Raise the dimension of the southwest piece of the rooftop. If impossible to do so, then settle an empty shaft to the rooftop and put a light on it, so the upward stream of electric flow increments in the southwest.
  • There is a straight long hall with a window at the far end, this implies cash streams directly through the house yet doesn’t remain because of the open window. One cure could be to put plants and utilize a screen to break the hallway and conceal the window.
  • As the East and the North are the headings of riches, you can upgrade the measure of cash you have by ensuring your safe or vault opens towards the north. It’s very basic, get a compass and check the heading.
  • Spilling taps in the kitchen or can, you should check all water spills since it actually implies a waste of cash down the drain
  • Southwest segment of the house is left empty, Use it any way you like, regardless of whether it is for capacity, as long as you go in there now and again.

Vastu Shastra is a science that would help to solve major problems in your life provided you understand the important of basic things like colour and direction. Vastu is all about creating a unique place of dwelling for human beings and God. The perfect place is where people can stay without any problems. Vastu advice for health can be enjoyed provided you plan and devise your property basis Vastu guidelines. You must be wondering that there are times when people cannot manage to overcome problems even after a great hardship. This happens in case your surroundings are filled with negative energies.

A house that would be constructed with basis Vastu guidelines will always be free of problems and can achieve the three P’s of any life. They include peace, progress and prosperity. Everybody requires all three of this to maintain a great lifestyle. All three elements will also help you to enjoy wealth, harmony and good health. They will also help to curb some kind of unforeseen illnesses or problems. Every house will have some kind of dosh which can be easily curtailed or amended to a great extent. Sometimes inmates are so busy with life that they do not decode the reason for constant illness in the house. Certain constructions might have never followed the Vaastu guidelines and hence it should be observed that Vaastu Shastra can help in your health related matters as well. You must never sleep with your head facing the eastern or southern direction. You must also never sleep or sit under any kind of exposed beam. You must also face the northern or eastern direction while eating. Your kitchen should be built in the north-eastern direction to avoid health problems amongst women. This corner can also be considered for placing water resources. The south-west direction can be perfect for elders and their room. You must never keep any kind of electronic gadget close to you while resting or sleeping. You should ensure that there is no iron material beneath your pillow or bed at any point of time.

Growing bamboo plants in your house can be considered inauspicious. You should never expose mirrors in rooms and in case you do always cover it with some kind of cloth. Green colour objects can be placed towards the north-east direction. The kitchen and toilet should be at a considerable distance or inmates will face gastro or other stomach related problems. The space below staircases can be used to store goods but you cannot compensate this space for building another room or kitchen. The bed should be kept at a minimum of three feet away from all walls.

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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