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Vastu Shastra – The Basic 5 Elements

Vastu Shastra – The Basic 5 Elements

Vastu Shastra may be a directional science that effectively combines 5 components of cosmos and nature. The science then balances the identical with people in general and materials. it’s believed that the universe consists of 5 elementary components – Air, Water, Fire, area and Earth. These components conjointly mix to compose the soma.


Relationship between the weather and human body:

It is aforementioned that the 5 natural components have a co-relation with the 5 sensory organs that people in general have, these are:


Knowledge of Directions:

In order to attain correct orientation, one must have the information of the eight main directions. it’s known to all or any that the Sun rises from the East. so as to understand the opposite basic directions, the subsequent thumb rule is followed.

Stand facing the rising Sun, thence mechanically you may be facing East. This conjointly means the direction of your back are towards the West. Extend your hand to the left, it indicates the North direction. If you extend out your handit’s visiting purpose South. In Vastu Shastra, a significant importance has been given to the corners, that function meeting points of those directions. This, therefore, points to four alternative directions, particularly Northeast, East South, Southwest, and West North. All directions have their own individual significance and thence require completely differentconstructions. Hence, the directions play a main role in formulating the principles of Vaastu Shastra.

Five Natural Elements:

As mentioned in Vastu, the character contains in itself various helpful energies that people in general have to build use of so as to take care of a balance in their lives and conjointly expertise a sense of well being. These energies principally evolve from 2 sources; they’re the 5 natural components additionally as magnetism energy that get generated because the Earth rotates. Presence of the 5 natural components has been attributed to be the most reason why the planet is that the solely planet within the system that has existence of life in it. there’s universal accessibility of air, area and Sun and people in general will mould these 3 components in step with their desires, through planning in step with tips of Vaastu. so as to urge a concept of the individual role vie by these 5 natural components, one must on an individual basis discuss the properties of every of those components.


The Earth is thought for its magnetic and attraction qualities and is that the one natural component that connects to the 5 sensory organs among the soma. Hence, this natural component has the most important influence on human lives.


This is conjointly a awfully necessary natural component and quantitatively, the most important among the 5. It constitutes bigger than eightieth of the soma and conjointly makes up common fraction of the surface of the planet. Vaastu helps to decide the places wherever the water sources must be placed in an exceedingly construction.


The Sun is the most important supply of energy and life. faithful its own characteristics, it provides USA with strength and vitality. However, the sun can also contain harmful rays, that must block as per recommendations of Vaastu.


This is the foremost basic natural component as survival of people in general depends on that. Air accessible on our planet may be a combination of lots of gases together with atomic number 8, Nitrogen, atomic number 1 and He. These are all essential for humans. Vaastu provides tips in building construction so the most like this natural component is derived.


This natural component is infinite and isn’t restricted to any geographical boundaries. it’s joined to the central portion of any construction web sitethat positively must be unbroken open as per Vaastu tips. If the component of area is disturbed, it may end up in hindrance of progress and growth.

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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