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Switchwords By Kismet Connection

Switchwords are the WORDS that can quickly shift your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. All words can become SwitchwordsAll words have some power to become Switchwords. Frequency of mind changes with Switchwords.

In Hinduism or Buddhism, there is Mantra such as OM NAMAH SHIVAY! Similarly, Switchwords are mantras in English.

HISTORY OF Switchwords:

James T Mangan is credited with discovering and using Switchwords in the year 1960 as a way to create a perfect life. In his book, ‘The Secret of Perfect Living’ he encouraged readers to help their subconscious mind focus on ‘mantra’ like affirmations known as Switchwords to manifest their inner desires and goals.

In India, Naran Balakumar or Naran Sir as he is fondly known has worked extensively on Switchwords, numbers, frequencies, and bach flower remedies.

These are the prominent names in the field of Switchwords who have done extensive research and created Switchwords and touched thousands of lives all over the world.

How do we use Switchwords?

First, the list is required. Once we get into the PRACTICE of using Switchwords, we usually know most that can BE repeated ON our fingertips. KEEP the lists handy. I Will share them here and you can save it on your phone or computer.

Second, ALLOW the switch. We need to CALM our mind a bit and BE in a positive space to let it work FOR US. This doesn’t mean that we don’t use Switchwords when we are sad or disappointed about something. It just means that we are upbeat about using Switchwords to CHANGE our situation.

Switchwords can simply be chanted and you will see the effect soon enough in your daily life. However, apart from chanting there are a few other ways by which you can use Switchwords


You can write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your home. You can make this as a daily activity and decide to write it X number of times.


You can chant them! Chant, sing, or even say it like a prayer. The more you chant the more deeply you will be connected with it. This is the most effective way to manifest through Switchwords. CHant at least 3 times in a day for 10 mins so in total 30 mins. While chanting concentrates on the reason of your chant and not on time or count.

Writing on the skin

You can even write Switchwords on your skin! It could be written on a specific body part if it is health-related. e.g: On your tummy to lose tummy fat. However, this is not compulsory and you can write it anywhere on your body.

Energy Circles

Energy Circles help in sending remote healing energy, switch words etc. to yourself or others. They are powerful circles created to accumulate healing energies of switch words etc. and send it to a particular person.

Please remember, even a single Switchword can work the way we want it to work.

Each Switchword is expressed as a one-word affirmation. or a creative declaration. The most important factor for Switchwords is your belief! You must pay attention and acknowledge the results however small at first. Show gratitude towards whatever you receive and it will multiply and manifest into bigger things. The more you believe and acknowledge the more it will attract.

Water charging method:
Keep a transparent water bottle on the laminated color print of EC / mobile screen / Tab screen / Laptop screen displaying EC for 15-20 seconds. This same water bottle can be charged with many other ECs. Drink this water in small sips throughout the day.

3 fingers method:
Place 3 middle fingers of the left hand on the laminated color print of EC / mobile screen / Tab screen / Laptop screen displaying EC for 15-20 seconds to receive energy from EC..

Under pillow method:
Keep the EC color print under the pillow/bed mattress where you sleep at night. So that the EC is in your body energy field. The EC can be kept permanently there.

They say if we HOLD a positive thought for just 17 seconds, the law of attraction kicks in; pushing it towards manifestation. Interestingly, chanting a Switchword 28 times takes about 17 seconds TOO. Also, set goals and use the tools for 21 days to make it a habit. And from there if we CONTINUE FOR another 90 days, it embeds itself as a lifestyle. 28 is a good number (also a Switchword). Many of US KEEP that number in mind when we chant. But, just let it FLOW. I don’t really COUNT any more. It could BE 9, 28 or 108 repetitions. The focus should BE believing, intending, and letting GO.

What are the Benefits of Switchwords?

  1. They are very easy to learn and apply.
  2. Switchwords are not messy like many other healing tools.
  3. With Switchwords no need to use imagination.
  4. Switchwords are like single-word affirmations, therefore, there is no confusion about which tense to be used as is the case in affirmations. (In affirmation we can affirm in many tenses and there are lots of theories about which tense you should affirm in) “So No Tense No Tension.” 
  5. With Switchwords there is no need to memorize long decrees and affirmations.
  6. A single Switchword can change your energy system to permit the Universe to fetch out your wishes, your desires, and your needs to materialize.
  7. Switch words are words, which when used can switch a person from a negative frequency to a desired higher frequency.
  8. Switch words work on the subconscious mind and can bring the desired outcome.
  9. Switch words can be used either by writing them on a paper or by chanting in mind or loudly as many times as possible depending upon the need for the situation.
  10. Switchwords can be written in Energy Circles and broadcasted.
  11. One can do Switchword healing for another person by way of PROXY chanting.
  12. It is important to use the right switch words to get appropriate results.
  13. Single words as Switchword are easy to use and work amazingly.
  14. There are some switch words that work in almost all situations and they are called Master Switchwords like GOLDEN SUNRISE, DIVINE MAGIC BEGIN NOW, LOVE, etc.
  15. Master Switchwords can be used alone or in combination with other Switchwords.
  16. Here you can find a complete switch word list with their application.
  17. Do explore them in your daily life and share your experiences on my Facebook group GOLDEN SUNRISE


How to Find/ Recognize Right and Powerful Switchwords for you

It is very easy to find Switchwords which suit you best. Here are a few steps:-

  1. Know what you desire.
  2. Choose your priority out of your list of wishes.
  3. Decide what you want to change in your life.
  4. Now look into your past and search when you were in a happy and positive energy system.
  5. Collect all and only good moments.
  6. It can be similar or any other event in the past in which you were happy.
  7. Find the word which changed your energy system instantly in the past For Example:
  • Maybe in the past, your spouse called you “Honey” and you blushed a lot then HONEY is your Switchword to attract more and similar moments in your life.
  • Maybe your mother called you with your Nick Name “Angel” and you smiled a lot so your nickname ANGEL is your Switchword to get Divine Blessings.
  • Maybe your father motivated you by addressing you “My Einstein” then EINSTEIN is your Switchword to accomplish any task with ease again.
  • Think of a time when your grandfather gave you a buck or coin and you felt like a billionaire, if this happened in your past then the name of your “Grandfather” is your Switchword to attract more money NOW.
  • Maybe having a good time with your friends in school or college made you Giggle. So now GIGGLE can be your switch word if you are sad.
  • Maybe eating chocolate pulled you out of your sad moment then CHOCOLATE is your Switchword now if you are sad.
  • Maybe your child had always good results in the past, he came home shouting at the top of his voice and excited to share his result. Now those emotions can switch your energy in creating his bright future again in life when he steps into financial growth.
  • Maybe you have watched a movie which is related to your dreams now. Watching that movie again can switch your energy now too.
  • Motivational songs/videos too can switch your energy to your desire.

If you still cannot find a good Switchword for you then ask a Switchword master who will give you some Universal Powerful Switchwords which are best fitted for most people or help you to find your own Switchwords.

Your own Switchwords can change your energy system so quickly and internally motivate you to do your work more easily.

Your own Switchwords also help you to recall your good times and memories. With this recalling, your energy can switch so quickly that you can be master of the art of finding your own Switchword with the help of the above technique.

Also, remember these events/feelings/words could have been a success in someone else’s life. You can anytime have that same feeling in your life too.

Answers for Money, Business and Career

 Q:  I have been searching to break a cycle of boom and bust in my life for years, I have been told recently this is due to fighting myself because I fear my greatness or I’m scared of who I am. Any suggestions to which Switchwords would help expose and eliminate this fear?”

A: Try TOGETHER-BLUFF-DIVINE-LOVE. I’d work with TOGETHER on its own for a few days first, and journal what comes up for you after chanting – then try the mantra. BLUFF helps deal with fear, and DIVINE-LOVE helps with love for the self (i.e. avoiding self-sabotage).

Q:  I am running a clinic and I want to increase it with success and to help people with good and satisfactory results.

A:  Chant DIVINE-GIVE to attract clients – it really works!

Q: How long do Switchwords take to work? I am in a big financial crisis. Please help!

A: Switchwords work best when you’re not panicking. Be calm, take a breath, and chant, then let go of your wish and trust things will improve. You can add a deadline to a Switchword phrase e.g. GOLDEN SUNRISE-COUNT-TOGETHER-JUNE1, but I find they work just as well without a date.

Q:  I am a working woman with a child. The management of my company has decided to change our present office location to a faraway place which will take me four hours to get to.  This change will affect my life badly, and it is not easy to get a new job again in the same field with the same salary, If I change to the new location then my in-laws/husband will not allow me to work.  Please help me.

A: I’m afraid Switchwords cannot solve every problem – and if your company has decided to relocate, you may need to look at other options. To help new opportunities come to you, try chanting DIVINE-REACH-COUNT-


Q: I am working in an office and my work gets stuck as I am always given complex projects. I want my work to be smoothly done so my work is appreciated and I get promoted with a raise in salary.

A: First of all, begin by manifesting efficiency by chanting DIVINE ORDER-ATTENTION. This is the magic phrase that helps you get everything done well and in good time, and handle detailed work. When you’re happy with how you are managing your work and are ready for promotion and praise, chant: COUNT-TOGETHER-SHINE-TOGETHER. This helps bring in money and special attention.

Q: I have lent a lot of money to a person and he is not paying me back. What are the Switchwords to get it back?

To get the debt paid quickly/paid on time:

COUNT-HALFWAY-DONE: COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a measurable amount and HALFWAY speeds something up or makes it less arduous. DONE is for meeting a deadline – or in this case your payment due date!  You might like to insert the amount of money you are owed as in: COUNT-£800-HALFWAY-DONE. You might also like to chant this as you issue your invoices or payment requests to get paid on time so you don’t need to chase!

To remove blocks to payment:

BRING-COUNT-ON: BRING is the Switchword for manifesting or delivery, COUNT is one of the Switchwords for money for a measurable amount (the debt) and ON is the ‘green light’ Switchword to create or produce. Again you can try inserting the amount of money you are owed: BRING-COUNT-£800-ON

If you are uncomfortable with asking for the money you’re owed:
ADJUST-MAGNANIMITY-BRING: ADJUST is the Switchword that helps deal with unpleasantness effectively, MAGNANIMITY is one of the Switchwords for money that keeps it circulating and inspires generosity, and BRING is for manifesting or delivery.

If you are in dispute with your debtor:
TOGETHER-SHUT  – this ends a financial dispute.

There are Switchwords for resolving all types of problems or wishes to be fulfilled. YOu can contact us for any specific Switchword or energy code. Please WhatsApp on +6356661666 for specific Switchword needs. For one problem and one Switchword the cost in Rupees 99/ only,

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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