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Fully Energized Magnetic Stone Mala


VASTU Acharya & Ank Jyotish RohitShah Ji’s – Original fully Energized Magnetic Stone Mala



VASTU Acharya & Ank Jyotish RohitShah Ji’s – Original fully Energized Magnetic Stone Mala

Magnetic stone OR Hematite can help to balance out the emotions and energies between the body, mind and spirit. It is said to be a healing and grounding stone, that strengthens the body and improves resistance to life’s stresses. Hematite is used for increasing intuition and to improve relationships. It is said to form a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and return to the sender. The bearer should remember, however, that their own negativity will be reflected to them if they are its source. The calming stone can also offer support for your hopes, dreams, wishes and desires. Hematite can remind you that the only limitations that exist are those that you place upon yourself. Many believe it to aid clarity, balance and calm reason, thus making it a grounding stone. It also is supposed to dissolve negativity and transform it into love. For this reason, it assists in the creation of peaceful, loving, kind relationships.

Hematite can help one sort out things in ones own mind. It can be used to boost self-esteem and impart confidence. It has also been used for overcoming addictions and compulsions. Hematite may stimulate concentration and focus. It may also enhance memory and original thought.

DO NOT USE magnetic products if you are pregnant, or have electrical-medical implants such as a pacemaker or insulin pump. This jewelry is not intended for young children. Please discontinue use if you experience irritation or inflammation. Keep magnets away from computer hard drives, credit cards, cassette and video tapes, floppy disks and other electronic devices. Magnets may also can interfere with magnetic badges and time cards. Magnetic jewelry should not be worn next to battery operated watches.


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