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Numerology Tip: Carry this to attract the quality of Number 2 Moon

Carry this Moon Mantra + Yantra and attract the attributes of Number 2 Moon


No. 2, ruled by the planet Moon, represent the state of mind, also known as our psyche which is ruled by the moon. Qualities that stem from the mind like imagination, reflection, intuition, doubts and quest for truth will be present in these people. Some of them under this number who could channelise their vivid ideas have been able to achieve great feats in life. Imagination is the pulse of this people. It is the imaginary things that will captivate and hold their attention rather than real things. They will be lost in thought all the time. They will be dreaming about their future, dwelling in fantasies or bizarre events. Their minds have the tendency to give rise to unique, new and even unnatural ideas. Sometimes even violent thoughts will occur while contemplating about the future. When they are associated with spirituality, self-confidence and idealism, they grow stronger inwardly and lead happy lives. Only when they acquire confidence with the help of their intellect and intuition can they achieve miracles in any field they are involved in. Two glaring examples from the last century are Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler. Mahatma Gandhi of India achieved a lot through spirituality and Adolf Hitler of Germany through self- confidence. When they are thoroughly convinced about their ideals related to spirituality or religion, they will attain success.

Help from all quarters will be available. From a poor status, they will rise to a higher position. With faith in God and by leading a virtuous life, they amass wealth in abundance. (Many persons have confided in me and said that from the state of labourers they have become millionaires by sheer honesty and faith in God). Strong intuitive powers will enable them to read the minds of others. They analyse everything from different angles before they speak or act. They are good orators and can speak forcefully for any cause. Hence, they make good lawyers, legal advisers and consultants. Drama, painting, music, sculpture and writing are the special fields in which they excel. However, they don’t have the will power to do anything consistently. If they have perseverance, they will shine in any business undertaken by them. Trading in textiles, dairy products, coffee, tea, beverages, cosmetics, liquids, medicines, scented oils, jewellery, paints, fruits, vegetables, flowers, paper, writing and sports materials are also suitable money- spinning business ventures. They can also undertake publication of books, and indulge in business related to painting, clothes, stitching and washing, story-writing and photography. They can also excel in sports and games. This also bring the Earth elements attributes – it is observed that person with numbers 2,5 and 8 have more than 1 house of their own.

Second Tip: The power of Numbers. Set the concern person from who you need favour either getting order, get contract sign, application approval, bank loan and what not… set as per your favourite Numbers….see magic happening.

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NOTE: One need to ensure that they locate the direction accurately for tips to work. We work on 16 zones (directions) so make sure you plot the direction accurately.

16 Zones (directions): North, North of NE, North-East(NE), East of NE East, East of SE, South-East (SE), South of SE, South, South of SW, South-West (SW), West of SW, West, West of NW, North-West (NW), North of NW. Each zone carries its own attributes, colours, patterns and associations with 5 elements (Water, wood, Fire, Earth and Space).

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Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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