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Numerology Based 2020 Prediction as per Personal Year

The year 2020 Prediction as per Personal Year

First, 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4 – Rahu. Rahu means only head part of the full body – also denotes extreme of things – Rahu is known for crossing the limits, create new rules, break old customs, revolution and to do what is unpredictable. Since Rahu is well known for manipulations and politics, this year will be the most significant year for the people who are in connection with politics, preaching, teaching, information technology, wireless communications, and revolutionary work.

How to Calculate Personal Year:

To calculate personal year – Requires details of your day of birth and the year for which you require the Personal Year Number, so in this case, we are looking for the year 2020.

E.g., If, your day of birth is January 10, Personal Year for 2020 can be calculated in the following manner: 10th-Jan-2020

  • Add day and month of birth and reduce it to a single digit.

It will be 10 (day)+ 1 (Birth Month) = 11 = 1+1 = 2

  • Reduce the year to a single digit. 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4
  • Sum up the two figures and reduce it to a single digit if total is in two digit. 2+4 = 6.

Hence the Personal Year Number for a person born on 10th Jan is 6.

Now you can calculate your own Personal Year as shown in the above example.

Read below the Numerology Prediction 2020 for each Personal Year.

For Detail prediction for 1 to 9 personal Year open below PDF file:

Open Prediction Document: Year 2020 Prediction as per Personal Year


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Note: As this is more general prediction so may not be true for all. The outcome of prediction also depends on Vastu of premise individual lives and works, and personal Birth chart of the individual.

Please read Disclaimer at below link


Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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