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Nabhi Vidhi – Natural Enhancer

Nabhi Vidhi – Below video gives some info about Nabhi Vidhi and why it is highly recommended as Vaastu remedy.

In Human – Nabhi is responsible for the whole development of body while in mother’s womb. Whole body structures, internal organs all gets produced through Nabhi. So Nabhi is very important and essential part. There are many ayurvedic cures through Nabhi such as pouring Cow Ghee, Castor Oil one can cure many illnesses. Also it is believed that if our stomach is healthy one can prevent many illnesses.

Similarly, Centre/Brahmasthan of the house/plot is considered as NABHI of that dwelling. It is the point of origin for all the energies of each directions. If it is weak then energies of the house gets disturbed or imbalanced. When there are cuts in direction it will have low energy strength. Due to imbalances one faces many problems – health, prosperity, relationship etc…So Brahmasthan is very important point.

In NABHI Vidhi, natural gemstones and copper plays an important roles as these are the natural energy generators and produced from the earth. Metal especially copper also from Earth and good conductor of energies. We installed Gemstones of all nine planets along with copper plate. There are many other items that has been produced during churning of the sea. When we perform Nabhi Vidhi we energise the centre of the dwellings and produce continues flows of positive energies. The energies of the house diminishes after few years of living in house. Nabhi Vidhi ensures that energies does not diminishes and there is a continue flow of energies.

I have installed at many clients places and they all have experience positive outcomes. The best part is that one can always carry if they move house/premise and reinstall after pooja at new place. Plate can be installed under the ground if its new construction or can be placed on ground aka on tiles as long as no one can disturbs it.

Make sure one uses Polished Gemstones as it ensures purity of stones. Do not use rough as you won’t know if its pure or mix of different stones. Pay bit more but always install only the genuine gemstones.



Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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