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Best Fengshui Tips for your Home By Kismet Connection

Best and easy to follow Fengshui Tips for your Home

The problem facing with Income OR Increase Income Source:

Buy 3 coloured Frog with a coin in Mouth. Place this frog inside the house were face in facing the centre of the house.  Never place in Bedroom.

For continues flow of Money:

Buy Red colour Ribbon which has 3 coins. Hang this at the inside of the front door.

Placing of Tortoise:

In Fengshui Tortoise is considered most auspicious as it brings prosperity, happiness and success in all endeavours. In Fengshui, it is recommended to put the tortoise in NORTH with face facing the centre of the house. Always make sure to have water in pot where you placed tortoise. Never place in Bedroom.

For Prosperity and Happiness:

Place laughing Buddha in the opposite direction of the main door so it is overlooking the main door. Place it around 6 FT height so fully visible. It is recommended to pat his belly every day and also light candle and incense on May 8th – Birthdate of LB.

Ba Gua Mirror to reflect back negativity:

If you have a large tree or building which obstruct your main door – then place Ba Gua mirror to reflect back poison arrow energy.

4 Scared Animals in Fengshui

he 4 FengShui animals are the Green Dragon, which is in the East, the Red Phoenix that should be present in the South, the White Tiger that is located in the West, and finally, the Black Tortoise, which is in the North. Remember in Fengshui direction is measured differently.

Some BASIC MUST Do in Fengshui (in irrespective of Mystic subject) one should follow this:

Keep space Neat and Clean: If you can get rid of even half the unnecessary stuff in your home and office, you’ll feel lighter, and may even drop some weight and get rid of headaches in the process.

Toilet: Always remember to keep toilet Lid down (closed)

Seating: Avoid door or a Window behind your back while working.

Plant: Avoid artificial plant, keep the fresh live plant. Avoid thorny plants at all cost.

Avoid Broken Items: Throw away broken items if it can not be fixed. Fix cracks on wall/door, no holes on the wall. Make sure all watches are in working conditions.

Budha: You are not supposed to purchase a Buddha or bamboo plant for yourself – it is supposed to be gifted by someone to you during an auspicious event like a house-warming. If your Buddha idol is kept facing the entrance of your house, it is said to bring happiness in the family.

Wind-Chimes: If it is hanged on the bedroom window then it minimises arguments between family members.

Crystal Ball with Red String: Hand this Ball on the bedroom window to bring much-needed love and care between the couple.

I personally been using above Tips and after applying have noticed lots of positive results. So try out and share your personal experience. Also one needs to remember not to have negative elements i.e. No water element in Fire zone else results are very hard to notice.


Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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