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Yantras for Vastu Corrections

Yantras as a way of correction to balance the elements energy
Corrections applied on the physical plane like changes within the building structure are particularly vital, because those changes most directly have an effect on the energy scenario. On the second plane – the energetic plane – we tend to use mirrors, 2D Images, the various components, precious stones, herbs and alternative means that so as to subtly influence the standard of the energies. This conjointly yields a sustaining impact and a visible improvement of the well-being of the individuals living within the
However, the deepest level of Vastu is that the karmic plane, focus on the mix and interaction of planetary influences within the house. Such refined means that of correction are effective, as a result of Vastu qualities primarily have an effect on the subtle plane, and so one may also notice antiphlogistic means that on this plane.

Yantras are employed in Vastu for thousands of years so as to balance defects on the energetic and karmic plane. This impact is because of the subsequent components that once taken along builds a yantra.

Geometric elements: generally, yantras are product of advanced geometric components that kind a geometrical whole. Simply by applying yantras, the energetic quality of an area is being influenced, particularly if a yantra is applied to at least one of the energetic key points of an area. The Shri Yantra as an example, the energetic components clearly form a elemental unity, that is devoted to the deity of fortune, Lakshmi. The Shri Yantra consists of a mix of 9 triangles of various angles and sizes that penetrate one another. 5 triangles are organized in such the simplest way that their horizontal lines are parallel and also the alternative four triangles are organized within the precise opposite way. The figure that is formed by these triangles contains forty three little triangles with every one of them manifesting its own specific energy. The nine penetrating triangles represent the method of creation. The 5 triangles inform from the highest to the underside represent the male impuls of creation referred to as Shiva, whereas the four triangles inform from the underside to the highest represent the feminine power of creation referred to as Shakti. Taken along the 2 kind a dynamic field of force within which the cosmic creation takes place.

The Sri Yantra is auspiciously placed in the north or northeast of a room or building. The flat side of the central triangle (with a dot in the centre) should face upwards. The Sri Yantra can also energise food, beverages, or other things. Simply place appropriate items on the yantra and let them stand there for a few minutes (the longer the better). The flat side of the Sri Yantra’s central triangle should be facing east.

Geometric elements in Sri Yantra and its Meaning:

  • Circle Energy of the element water
  • Square Energy of the element earth
  • Triangle Energy of the element fire
  • Diagonal lines Energy of the element air
  • Horizontal line Energy of the element water
  • Vertical line Energy of the element fire
  • Point Energy of the element ether

Yantras, Furthermore, more complex geometric elements may be used, the energetic classification of which may be derived from the corresponding context such as

  • Use of Colours
  • Symbols
  • Writings

About Writings:

The written word has a great effect in the subtle realm, because it carries its meaning in a fine energetic vibration. That means that the effect of a writing does not necessarily depend on someone reading and understanding it, but that is has an effect beyond consciousness.
For instance, if you write down words with a positive meaning such as love, hope, kindness, belief, mercy on a piece of paper and put a glass of water on it, the positive vibration of these words will be transferred to the water. This transfer can be amplified or accelerated, by lightly striking the glass with a spoon. You will get the same effect if you write
down these words on a bottle of water in which the water is being stored. The positive effect of such affirmations can be proven by the aid of modern photographic methods. Water exposed to positive affirmations crystallises in wonderfully beautiful harmonious forms, whereas water exposed to negative affirmations crystallises in disharmonious, chaotic forms. See Blog –
For this reason, most yantras contain written elements in addition to the geometric elements and symbols. In general these writings are in Sanskrit, as Sanskrit has an especially energetic effect. The letters of Sanskrit are vibration images
representing the sound image of the corresponding sound. Sanskrit words or sentences written or pronounced, aiming at manifesting a certain energy, power or entities, are called mantras. A mantra is a written or spoken sound vibration,
which has the power to free the mind. According to Vedic tradition every energy, power or entity has its own mantra, by which it can be addressed.
In the Vedic world view, every planet is dominated by a certain aspect of God. These aspects are presented in the form of 10 yantras. It is completely safe to apply them, they cannot have any negative effects, because they do not simply amplify the power of the planet they represent, but balance it in an intelligent way. For instance, if a certain planet is
weakened, it will be strengthened by the yantra, while its effect would be neutralised, if it developed a negative effect due to its attacked position.
You apply the yantras according to a very simple principle. If you find a Vastu defect in the house or on the plot, you find out first which planet is affected by this. Once you have identified one or more planets, you place a yantra to the spot affected, respectively. In most cases you fix the yantra on the wall.

Another possibility consists in applying the yantras directly under the ceiling or on the floor. In this case, it is important to position the yantra in such a way that its head (the side opposite the mantra, the upper side) is directed towards the east.

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The following examples from practise should illustrate this principle:
Example: In general, a kitchen in the west of a house does not have enough firy energy in order to sufficiently energise the food prepared there. Therefore, it is useful to apply a spiritual Mars Yantra in the centre of the kitchen under the ceiling so that the head of the yantra points towards the east.
Example: If a toilet is in the north-east of a building, you can apply a spiritual Jupiter Yantra outside the toilet above the door, as the toilet has an effect on planet Jupiter.
Example: If there is a big cupboard on the east side of the living room which cannot be moved, the flow of the solar life energy is blocked. This defect can be partly balanced by putting a spiritual Sun Yantra directly on the cupboard. It should be fixed in the height of the heart. Here it is not important whether the yantra can be seen from outside or not. It
can also be put behind books or inside a drawer.

The nine planets
According to Vastu all forces and influences of the universe that have an impression on man may be found within the house. By the assistance of the effective and easy system of the 9 planets of our sun system we are able to terribly simply perceive these influences. By touching on these 9 planets the pseudoscience systems of all cultures describe terribly exactly the forces on man that influence his fate like invisible threads. All areas of living of a person’s being are painted by the 9 planets and their interaction so their position are often seen as a mirrored image of the life state of affairs of a person or a house.
Just like the varied areas of life are dominated by individual planets, every direction, every operate of an area, every artifact and every different detail of a home is below the influence of a particular planet. within the house there’s an energetic exchange between this stuff and so conjointly between the 9 planets by that the inhabitants of the house
will be affected. The house or the housing of a person acts similar to some reasonably optical device that focuses the influences of the 9 planets on its inhabitants and build them feel their interactions. for example, if someone is in a very area situated within the north of the house, he’s mechanically below the influence of Mercury, the ruler of the north. If the person sets up associate degree workplace there, within which he intends to administer his money dealings, the influence of Mercury is incredibly helpful for this endeavour as Mercury fostern money affairs generally. During this case one should see there to that the north is being designed according to Vastu principles. associate degree workplace within the south dominated by planet Mars is below different influences. the earth Mars tends to foster a lot of pragmatic aspects of life connected to figure, analysis or technology.

The following table assigns the dominating planets to each direction:

  • East – Sun
  • Southeast – Venus
  • South – Mars
  • Southwest – Rahu
  • West – Saturn
  • Northwest  – Moon
  • North – Mercury
  • Northeast – Jupiter/Ketu
  • Centre – Ketu

This correlation indicates further important qualities of the eight directions and conclusions about their effects on the inhabitants. However, it is necessary here to know the most important qualities of the nine planets which are paramount in Vedic astrology. The following section lists the most important qualities of the nine planets, their relation to the various areas of life of man and their meaning in the living area.


Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
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