Tejasvi Surya – Youngest MP of Bangalore – Numerology


In the latest example How Numerology can play a big role in the success of ones. Let’s study our youngest BJP MP Tejasvi Surya:

Name: Tejasvi Surya: Name total comes to number 7

Date Of Birth: 16-Nov-1990 Drive Number: 7 which also happens to be his name total and Supportive Number 1

Age: 28 Years – which comes to Number 1 – which is also his supportive number, as well as number 1, represents NEW BEGINNING.

Name, Birth Date and Age numbers are all in favor.

Kismet Connection wishes Tejasvi Surya Best of Luck for future.

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  1. Thanks for these useful information! Numerology has always been involved in sports! Numbers hold a greater significance than most of us realize- it could tell us our destiny and purpose in life!

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