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Power up Your Wealth Sector as By Fengshui

Ten symbols to power up your wealth sector.

Ten Contemporary Wealth Symbols

A jade plant symbolizes strength with large, heart-shaped leaves whereas the money tree boasts succulent, rounded leaves. Both are excellent for energizing the wealth sector.

The sound waves created by wind chimes can either moderate or activate chi or energy. They create a circular energy of sound which is protective and nurturing. A six cylinder wind chime is best used to activate chi in wealth.

Water, as you know, is great for activating energy especially if it’s kept bubbling by means of a water pump. Add fish to the water and this will stimulate the water or chi even further.

Please keep your aquarium spotlessly clean as dirty, stagnant water could have a detrimental effect to overall wealth and abundance.


Amethyst crystals are best placed in the wealth sector of the ba gua due to their purple colour. Although the wealth sector is associated with wood and, therefore, the colour green, fire colours (purples & reds) also work well here as wood feeds fire in the positive cycle of Feng Shui elements. Your amethyst serves to symbolically ‘fire up wealth’.

It also serves as a reminder that prosperity is more easily attained when we are working in conjunction with our soul’s purpose…not just working for wealth’s sake.

Imagery of boats sailing on calm seas indicates a smooth ride to financial prosperity. Avoid images of rough seas or sailors in peril choosing sturdy images of boats that symbolize shelter and protection on the sea of life.

Think about what wealth means to you. Is it a Ferrari, a new house, your child’s school fees, an antique Chinese vase, a designer dress, your family?

People tend to place in wealth what’s important to them. I regularly see, for example, family pictures placed in wealth which indicates what’s really important – a wealth or richness of family life. Remember with wealth, it’s about the richness or abundance of life…not just material wealth.

However, the odd status symbol is fine too. Let’s not shy away from wealth or see it as in any way negative! Money is simply an exchange of energy so there’s nothing dishonourable about being wealthy.

Imagery of fruit carries with it the energy of plenty which is always useful in the wealth sector of any home or room. Popular Feng Shui fruits include peaches (immortality, youth & longevity), pomegranates (fertility and family harmony), grapes (the wine of life and nature’s bounty), citrus fruits fruitfulness & good fortune).

If your kitchen happens to be situated in the wealth sector, don’t forget to display bowls of fresh fruit here. If your bowl of fruit can then be reflected in a mirror or shiny surface you’ll be symbolically doubling wealth.

I love the idea of ornamental birds or imagery of birds in wealth. Birds, in Feng Shui, represent the spirit so creating a strong connection with the spiritual realm will raise the vibration in wealth.

Again, spirit will ensure you achieve material wealth without compromising on personal integrity.

If you don’t already have images or ornaments of birds to place in wealth, try to get hold of an ornamental phoenix. The phoenix was one of the four sacred creatures during the T’ang dynasty in China and is a symbol of resurrection and immortality.

If you are looking for new streams of income or are in debt then this fabulous bird, who rises again from its own ashes, is the one for you! Rebirth and regeneration is the key here.

Peonies are perhaps not an obvious choice for the wealth sector but they are easy to get hold of and fairly inexpensive to buy. In Chinese culture, they represent the Yang principle, light, glory, love and good fortune. You often see images of peonies with peacocks – again a powerful wealth symbol.

Try to get hold of a combination of purple and red peonies (fire colours to fire up your wealth).

Bamboo is a great wealth symbol. It is strong but flexible, lasts a long time and is green which supports the wood element associated with the wealth sector of the ba gua. It is an ideal symbol if you are trying to get a new project underway, for example, a new business venture.

Lucky bamboo is usually sold with a number of stalks tied together with red ribbon or string. The stalks rest in small gravel pots and are easily obtainable online.

I hesitate to stop there – there are so many wealth symbols to choose from. Don’t forget to be creative when introducing wealth symbols to your home.

If the above symbols don’t appeal then ask yourself what objects or imagery represents ease, abundance or success to you personally.

Above tips are from Feng shui consultant, Clare Plaister, is the publisher of the Easy Feng Shui E-zine, A top-rated monthly feng shui e-zine, crammed full of useful Feng Shui tips and cures. Clare’s goal is to help readers create more beautiful, efficient and enjoyable homes for successful living.

She is also the publisher of Easy Feng Shui – an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to implementing Feng Shui in the home or office. This practical guide also comes with a free Feng Shui consultation from Clare to help locate and activate key areas for
concern such as wealth, love, health, career etc.

Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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