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SI.No.Marks obtainedFortunes of the building/house
191-100Excellent one. You can flourish well by continuing or purchasing the house.
271-90Good one. This will also bring you fortunes. You can continue or purchase the home without hesitation.
351-70Moderate house. You should improve the marks by altering the house as per vaastu. You may continue or purchase the house after the rectification.
4Below 50You can consult Vastu Consultant and see if improvement can be done to go up to 75%. If not then change the house. The fate is awaiting there to pull you down. This house should not be considered even as an alternative dwelling arrangement even for a shorter time. The ill-luck of the house will spoil all your fortunes and ideas. Misery is imminent.
External Factors influencing the fortunes of the house
1The size of the building either Rectangle of Square3
2The house has positive or good schools3
3The building has roads on the North or East side or on all the sides3
4The building is elevated than the road3
5Compound wall is provided around the house3
6The main door is not afflicted by opposite trees, poles, or wells etc.,3
7The plot where the house is located is in a rectangular or square shape2