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Astro-Vastu Remedy for East Direction – SUN Yantra

The SUN represents light and truth. It is the origin of all other planets and therefore represents the whole universe. It stands for cosmic intelligence and pure consciousness. In the house it is mainly connected to the East and the flow of the solar energies from the east. Defects or positive Vastu qualities of the east or other aspects of the living space dominated by the SUN mainly affect the following life areas, organs etc.:

Main Areas in the house: SUN window (window right of the main entrance, seen from within the house), meditation room, medicine cupboard, east, solar prana.

Life areas: Social connectivity/reach, Business, social position, power, career, health.

Organs: Spine, right eye of man (left eye of woman), mouth, appendix, neck, circular system, brain.

Enhances the following qualities: Activity, authority, steadfastness, willpower, position, happiness, leadership quality, Analytical skills.

Perfect energies of SUN/East zone Brings: Warmth, vitality, success, dignity, optimism, health, fame, power, brilliance, spirituality.

Low energies of SUN/East Zone: Arrogance, excessive dominance, egotism, envy, anger, irritability, character weaknesses, lack of willpower. Diseases (East of South-East) fostered by a bad position of the SUN: Heart diseases and problems of the circular system, skin diseases, back problems, colds and feverish colds.


Om Namo Bhagavate Ramachandraya OR

Om Surya Namah OR

Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namah

Typical Vastu Defects/Fault Areas (Few Example):  If,

  • The walls in the east are higher than in the west.
  • The east is higher than the west, south, southwest, or southeast. The buildings in the east are taller than in other directions.
  • There is no free space in the east.
  • There are tall trees or buildings in the east.
  • The gate or door in the east is directed towards the southeast. There is garbage or there are toilets in the east.
  • There is no door in the east. The store room is in the east.
  • There are mountains in the east. The east is dark.

Application of SUN Yantra in the House/Office/Shop/Factory/Institute

  • Dwelling without windows in the East, the influx of solar life energy is inhibited and therefore, the Sun is debilitated. Because of this all inhabitants will suffer from a lack of life energy, however the male inhabitants will be especially affected, because the east is a male direction. With men there will be an increased tendency to problems of the heart and the circular system, as a debilitated sun has a negative influence on these organs.
  • If there is a heavy Vastu defect in the southwest, such as an underground swimming pool, the Vastu defects will amplify each other so that men run a critically high risk of a heart attack.
  • Missing Number 1 in Numero Kundali (Many who are born in and after Year 2000 will likely to have missing number 1)
  • Placing this in North Direction will help in getting Number 1 attributes.
  • Placing Sun Yantra at the place where the window is missing. This is a colourful graphic symbol representing the subtle energy of the sun. One can also hang up a Sun Yantra at the position of the lacking Sun window. This will strengthen the subtle powers of the sun in the house.
  • The effect of such a yantra is based on the combination of symbols, geometric elements, colours and writings. As the present defects mainly affect the subtle area, it is possible to counteract them in the subtle realm as well.
  • The subtle area is very much influenced by colours, symbols, writings and geometric elements.
  • This yantra and others are so-called spiritual planetary yantras.

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Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
Vastu Acharya, Master Numerologist, Astro-Vastu and Lal Kitab Expert, iBazi Profile Charter.


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