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Kuber Kanakdhara Sidh Yantra – Pocket Size




Kuber Yantra
Kuber Shree KanakDhara Yantra with Mantra

सिद्ध कुबेर कनकधारा यंत्र

यह तीनो यंत्र एक साथ सिद्ध करके पूजा करने से उत्तम लक्ष्मी का लाभ होता हे
11 बाय 5 inch size

All in one Sidh Kuber kanakdhara Yantra

This Yantra is scripted with the Vedic method on BhojPatra (भोजपत्र) and after Sudhikaran and Energizing process it is triple-layer laminated. You will also receive further information on how to use it – this info is applicable to selected products.

Note: Allow at least 10 days to prepare this Yantra.





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