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Numerology Number 9

Numerology number 9

Numerology Number 9 : Mars is the ruling planet of nature number 9. Mars is the divine commander in chief. They are strong with the intense energy that seems to burst at seems. They are constantly active and do not rest until they reach their goal. They have a strong sense of purpose, order, discipline, courage and self-confidence. Charismatic and creative, they make excellent soldiers and fine leaders of cults, movements and religion. They like to deal with large problems rather than small. They have a great sense of responsibility, and as a hard worker; their sincerity and true understanding of the situation guide they. They are a good organizer and able administrator. Given authority they excel in whatever they do. Without authority they lose interest and slowly become inactive. Negatively they can be impatient, impulsive and need to control their temper; their greatest dangers arise from foolhardiness in word and actions. They rush into places where angels fear to tread.

Health:- They are prone to all kinds of fever infections, cuts and wounds that produce infectious diseases. They may also fall prey to disorders of blood, poisoning ulcers, tuberculosis etc. They are also susceptible to psychic disturbance, exhaustion due to over indulgence in sex, weakness in immune systems etc.The diseases of this planet are of the inflammatory kind like tumors, small pox, measles, headache, fevers of all kinds, and high blood pressure. Accidents and blood shedding is the part of their life.

Direction South
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Profession Civil construction, manufacture and sale of various engineering goods like iron and steel machinery are favourable fields of business. They also shine usually in defence services and as diplomats and in Intriguing political fields where tact is important. Prestigious and challenging vocations will be their natural choice.
Types of Business As mentioned in Profession note
Lucky Colors All shades of Red, Blue and Yellow.
Unlucky Colors Pale green and white and all other pale colours are unlucky.
Metal Iron, Gold, Silver and Copper
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Ring made of Copper wear it on Ring Finger
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Ssri Rohit Shah
Ssri Rohit Shah
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