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Rohitt Shah Vastu & Numerology Expert
Rohitt Shah Vastu & Numerology Expert

Mr. Rohitt Shah is a Bachelor of Engineer by qualification (from UK university). He served well-known Software Multinational Company for a long time. Enjoying the heights of professional life and avid followers of traditional Vedic science as well as Mahavastu expert, Numerology expert and Vastu Acharya degrees (along with with Yantra, Mantra and Tantra knowledge) and blessing of GuruJi under who received vigorous training and continue to be guided; he decided to set up own Mystic Solutions.


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Mystic Solutions was born to bring back an ancient Indian science into the life of common man, who is a lost entity in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive world. By simply following Ancient science one can bring much-deserved happiness in their life and its surrounding.

Our Moto at Mystic Solutions is “Solutions Without Demolition”. Mystic Solutions and Media Vibrators are closely knitted and brings combined experience of more than 50 years in Mystic science. We at Mystic Solutions follows the path to make use of natures energy most efficiently and productively to one’s dwellings, which brings overall health and prosperity to the living being.

We have mastered in Orgone life force energies, invented by Wilhelm Reich, and uses extensively to ensure the continuous flow of positive energies. Mystic Solution also employs different Mysticism such as Astrology, Fengshui, Face Analysis/Reading, iChing, Mahavastu, Numerology, Signature analysis, Mantra & Yantras Science to the latest innovation in Life Force energies to ensure the greater success to our clients.

There are 3 factors which govern us… (1) our Destiny (2) our Karmas (3) Vastu Shastra (Energies of the Property and its surrounding). We guide on all 3 factors by employing different mystic science to give fast, workable and effective remedies. We are experts in energizing structures without suggesting major alterations or least possible demolitions possible.

Kismet Connection (Mystic Solutions)  played an instrumental role in the progress of numerous factories, housing complexes, offices, showrooms, homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. Feedback from the clients has been positive and we at Kismet Connection takes pride in its achievements. Kismet Connection and its partner Media Vibrators brings well over 50 years of professional knowledge in Mysticism. With such a vast combined experience and our systematic holistic approach, the talent and sound knowledge on Mysticism has helped in carving a niche and making ‘Kismet Connection – Mystic Solutions’ a reputed brand.

The basic quality of the right Vastu Consultant is the insight vision, practical knowledge, intuitive and a sound state of mind. This is essential to assimilate, understand and interpret the observations, diagnose the deep-rooted problem and give practical yet effective recommendations with relevance to modern times and Mystic Solutions is blessed with all these qualities.

WHAT WE REQUIRE Important points but not limited to…

We at Mystic Solutions believes in “Everything Is Possible” only expectation from Client is to have faith in this science. Time to time Mystic solutions will require multiple visits to the concerned site(s), personal information, layouts to the future DP related information. This type of information will help us to identify weak as well as strong energy areas and possible future expansions and its effects. Mystic Solutions expects the client to follow given suggestions without questioning its merits or purpose or why our aim is to ensure overall success in the shortest possible time. There will be a follow-on visit or consultation regarding the same project.

Mystic Solutions strictly follows client confidentiality and not at liberty to reveal client information. Please do not embarrass us by asking for such information.


As mentioned earlier, the Client has to follow our suggestions to see positive results in the shortest possible time. Mystic Solutions follows four steps Vastu analysis and works at 11.25-degree angle. So a small deviation can bring in the effect of the bad zone.

List down Clients expectations/problems and history of the concerned area(s)

Land survey and analysis in terms of Geo stress, EMF radiations, leveling, surroundings etc…

Entrance effects – there is 32 possible entrance but only 6 are beneficial in terms of prosperity.

Room and its activity effects, placement of items and its effects

Five Elements effects.

Programming and remedies.

The detailed report of analysis and solutions, remedies.

Follow up consultations after 30 days or as per client needs.


Advance leveling compass

Vastu Chakra

Aura Sensors

Lecher Antenna


Soil analysis such as color, taste, compositions, testing in a lab (optional)

EMF Meters

Orgonites/ pendulum dowsing

At times we also provide Yantras and Mantras

For other Mystic analysis, we use different tools such as Gemstones etc…

Proven Expertise

Mystic Solutions has vast proven experience in Vastu, Numerology and other Mystic sciences. He has been serving clients across India, Europe, America, and Middle eastern continents. Provide services like Vastu Consultation based upon traditional Vastu and most advance Mahavastu techniques, Planning, Correction without Demolition, Astro report, Numerology based upon Kabbalah techniques which bring results, Interior Planning according to MahaVastu, Selection of Plots, Houses, Offices, etc. and Commercial Vastu. Comprehensive solutions and modifications without demolition of your present home or workplace, the solution can be as simple as relocating some furniture to simply adding a red bulb. Also having a proven knowledge of Yantra, Mantras science gives an extra edge.

Living in a flat or house or constructing a building without MahaVastu consideration has become a sin nowadays. MahaVastu plays a very major role in balancing the 5 elements and giving its positive or negative results to dwellers. Mahavastu, which is a science of designing the building or placing right things at the right place according to the natural forces, originated thousands of years ago in India which deals with the cosmic energy in matters and buildings.

Due to the knowledge of multiple domains of Mystic science, mystic solutions assures to bringing the best value to customers. As of now Mystic solutions is the only company in Pune with extensive knowledge provides mahavastu consultation. Result matters to us, give us a call for further query or questions you may have.

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